DIY Cleaners: Have a Spotless Oxford Home This Spring

DIY Cleaners for Your Oxford House

Spring is almost here, and it is time to prepare for the big annual one-off cleaning. For this year we have a special proposal for you: why not try something different that is both eco-friendly and effective? On top of that, experts from one of the most return cleaning companies in Oxford will give you some extra tips on how best to execute your spring cleansing session. Now that is what we call a great deal!

Benefits of DIY Cleaning Detergents

For starters let’s list some of the biggest perks of preparing your own washing solutions:

  • It is cheap – nobody can deny that lemon and a pack of baking soda sounds far more budget-friendly than a couple of bottles of regular sanitation solutions or booking a cleaning service.
  • Say “Goodbye” to your allergies – If you are sensitive towards some of the ingredients of the common solvents, making your own detergent is a great way to avoid triggering your allergies or asthma;
  • It is eco-friendly – You don’t use any dangerous chemicals. Heck, almost all DIY ingredients are edible and bio-degradable.
  • It is safe – Edible equals safe. So make a bowl of lemonade while polishing the worktops with lime juice.
  • Pet-friendly – You don’t have to worry about your pets ingesting or inhaling some nasty chemical.
  • Completely safe around children – You no longer have to lock all of your cleaning detergents and worry what will happen if your kid drinks a dangerous liquid. When you think about it, there are more hazardous ingredients in the baby purees than in your DIY cleaner.
  • Professionals approve the usage of DIY cleaners – Sometimes even the best of the best in the house cleaning business in Oxford use vinegar to remove old stains.
  • No heavy odours – some detergents leave a nasty chemical smell, but with a DIY cleanser, you will sense only the pleasant fragrances of essential oils.

Professional Advice on How to Clean Your Oxford Home

In order to properly get ready for the big Spring cleaning, you need to carefully follow the DIY recipes and make sure you have prepared enough of everything. However, remember there are some limitations when it comes to homemade remedies. Our one-off cleaning experts advise you to carefully read the following disclaimers before attempting to scrub and scrape your Oxford home:

  • Do not clean wood surfaces with vinegar or baking soda. The first is a strong acid that can dissolve the coating of your floors and furniture. The abrasive structure of the second ingredient can scratch and damage the wood.
  • Be careful when you clean aluminium and silver surfaces. Opposite the common believes backing soda can actually do more harm than good when it comes to metal surfaces. Our Oxford cleaners advice to stick to the trusty dishwashing soap to avoid the oxidation of your pots, pans and silverware.
  • Marble and stone worktops are very delicate. Again avoid cleaning them with vinegar and baking soda, otherwise, you risk damaging them.

DIY Spring Cleaning Recipes for Your Oxford Home

We have selected some of the most popular cleaning combinations for this years spring cleansing. All suggestions are approved by our Oxford cleaners and are perfectly safe to try on.

DIY Cleaners for Your Oxford House

So buckle up and start “cooking”!

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