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As our lives become fast-paced and more intense, we’re all looking for ways to do things quickly and with less effort. Especially if they aren’t that pleasant. That is one of the reasons why speed cleaning is a big trend at the moment – it attracts homeowners and busy parents who are looking for ways to spend less time on chores and more with their families. And let’s be honest, don’t we all?
Our professional cleaners in Oxford have something to say on this very interesting topic. Hopefully, their tips can help you keep your house spotless easier and dedicate your time to better things.

Don’t Clean It Unless It Really Is Dirty

In our efforts to stay on top of things, we often overdo it – there are areas that require much less cleaning than you probably do. The most common things we overclean are vertical surfaces such as doors. Instead of wiping them every time, you clean the horizontal ones. Simply focus on the places that truly need your attention and save some precious minutes.
The same goes for dusting – not all places must be cleaned. So be picky when you’re dusting and choose to wipe off only the areas that need it.

Professional Cleaners Use Both Their Hands. Do The Same!

When your goal is to be quick and efficient, you’ll need the help of all the hands you can get. So why not use both of yours? If you’re using only your dominant hand, this means you will get tired faster and will need more breaks. Иt will also take you more time to clean a single object. Instead, use both your hands when wiping items like the fridge, wardrobes and worktops. You can also scrub the bathroom the same way – two hands will cover much more ground, and you’ll finish in no time!

house cleaning in OxfordClean Your House Top to Bottom

What’s the point in cleaning the floor and then dusting the shelves? All small particles will simply fall on the floor, and you will have to clean it again. That’s why, you should go with gravity — start with surfaces located at the top of the room and work your way to the bottom — the floor.

Be Properly Equipped, Like a Professional Cleaning Company

The most important thing for anyone who wants to cleanse their home fast is a well-stocked apron. In it, you can fit all the necessary tools and detergents for a quick clean. It will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to go back and forth grabbing this and that detergent – everything needed will be within a hand’s reach! Plus, you’ll keep your focus on the task at hand.

Don’t Leave a Mess – Clean as You Go

Cooked something delicious today? Well, don’t postpone the cleaning for tomorrow when all the dirt and grime will harden and be difficult to clean. Instead, take care of the worktop, the oven, the cooktop, and all other areas you’ve used as soon as you’ve finished working with them.
This applies to dishes and cutlery as well. Here’s a secret: Oxford cleaning professionals apply this tip not only for the kitchen but for other rooms as well.

cleaning the bathroom in Oxford

Have a Dedicated Time for Cleaning The Shower? Do This Instead

Clean it while you’re showering. This sounds unorthodox, but it will save you lots of time, effort and most importantly – scrubbing. If you’re like most people and keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom, you can easily wash a surface or two while you’re taking a shower. In fact, you can deal with small areas every time you are in the shower. This way, the bathroom will be constantly clean, and you will avoid limescale. One additional benefit is you won’t be worrying about getting wet.

Repetition Creates Routine

There is a reason, why professional cleaning services are often done following checklists – it creates routine and increases productivity. If you do things the same way, you will undoubtedly do them faster every single time. Sounds logical, right? So, make sure to create your own routine when cleaning – cleanse the same places in the same order and you will notice what we mean by “speed cleaning.”

Stop Procrastinating – Just Clean

It is almost paradoxical how people spend a lot of time cleaning because they think… they will spend a lot of time cleaning. That’s right – thinking about something makes it real, and it is especially true in this case. Many customers who have benefitted from our cleaning services in Oxford share how we carry out much more in less time. The main reason? While you may need to get in the mood for cleaning, our cleaners just roll their sleeves and start with the work. This significantly decreases the time of every cleaning task, and soon, it’s all done and forgotten about.

The main reason why people dislike cleaning is the fact that everything will become dirty again in a couple of days or weeks. However, the easiest way to motivate yourself is to remember – regular cleaning will not only make your home more comfortable, but it will also increase the quality of your sleep and will keep you and your family healthy. If speed cleaning or any other type of cleansing is not your cup of tea, you can always get someone else to do it for you.

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