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Rejuvenate Your West London Property with Our After Builders Cleaning Service

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Easy to book with a flexible working schedule
Reliable and experienced cleaning technicians
Prices from £20/h
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Restore Your West London Property with the Help of Energy Cleaning

Regardless of the type of construction work you have had done at your property, Energy Cleaning will remove all traces of building activities. With well-developed cleaning methods, experienced teams and professional equipment, we can completely transform your estate regardless of its size and purpose. Private homes, restaurants, hotels, factories, office buildings, if it’s in West London and needs a good scrubbing, rely on Energy Cleaning.

Our company have perfected our after builders cleaning service in a way that surpasses all of our competitors. For example, we offer deep-washing of all kitchen appliances as a part of the standard post-construction cleaning service. Our primary objective is to save our customers time and money by adding value to each service we offer. Everything is done to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

What is included in the service

After Builders Cleaning and Why We Do It Best

Energy Cleaning is dedicated to serving its customers to their heart’s desire. That is why you have the option to ask for personalised services and create custom cleaning plans. We have become one of the most respected companies in West London for a reason.

The after builders service
Quality management
State of the art technology
On-site viewings

The after builders service

Expect from our cleaners to show up on time and get to work right away. They will remove paint drops, tape and glue traces, get rid of all plasters and protection sheets, dust your walls, furniture and upholstery.

Quality management

Our cleaning company has the perfect solution for bigger projects. Personal account managers and cleaning crews are assigned to each customer. This will save you time and relieve you from the unnecessary stress of constantly speaking with multiple technicians.

State of the art technology

Energy Cleaning relies on specialised equipment to deal with all industrial and construction stains. Our teams use professional detergents to dissolve and remove paint spots and glue residue. Our gear can eliminate the post builders traces from your property.

On-site viewings

Depending on the type of property, our chief technician may have to conduct a survey of the place to determine its state and what measurements need to be taken. All will be performed in accordance with your work schedule at a convenient for you time.
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Our cleaning services in West London have been customized to complement and improve the effectiveness of our After Builders Cleaning in Reading, providing a comprehensive and integrated cleaning solution

We provide a standard package for our After Builders Cleaning in West London, along with additional cleaning services to achieve more comprehensive cleaning. These services consist of carpet cleaning, jet washing, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning, among others. You can request any of these services at any time during the cleaning process, except for jet washing, which requires at least one day’s advance notice.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Embark on an extraordinary journey of carpet transformation with our exceptional Carpet cleaning service. Our highly skilled cleaners utilize advanced techniques and specialized equipment to meticulously cleanse and extract deep-seated dirt, dust, and debris from your carpets, restoring them to their original vibrancy and freshness. When you opt for our Carpet cleaning service alongside our meticulous After Builders service in West London, every aspect of your space receives the dedicated attention it deserves. Enjoy the convenience of requesting our Carpet cleaning service at any time, effortlessly adding this essential step to your post-construction cleaning process.

Jet Wash Cleaning

Jet Wash Cleaning

Enhance your cleaning experience by choosing our Jet Wash cleaning service alongside our meticulous After Builders cleaning service in West London. Our expert team utilizes high-pressure water jets to effectively eliminate stubborn debris, construction residue, and unsightly stains from driveways, walkways, and building exteriors, restoring them to their pristine condition. Please keep in mind that the Jet Wash service requires a minimum one-day prior notice to ensure proper scheduling and preparation. Together, these services provide a comprehensive and transformative cleaning solution for your space.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of cleanliness and freshness with our exceptional upholstery cleaning service. Our skilled cleaners effortlessly eliminate embedded dirt, allergens, and stains, revitalizing your furniture and bringing new life to your space. Experience the revival of vibrant colors and plush comfort, creating an inviting and immaculate living environment. Enjoy the convenience of requesting our upholstery cleaning service at any time during the After Builders service in West London, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive cleaning experience that exceeds your expectations.

Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of unobstructed views and the radiant natural light that floods your living spaces with our exceptional Window cleaning service. Our meticulous attention to detail and expertise revitalizes your windows, eliminating dirt, grime, and smudges to reveal a crystal-clear view that illuminates your space and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose to have this service during the initial stages or the final touches of the After Builders cleaning service in West London, you have the freedom to request it and savor the transformative results it brings, creating an atmosphere of pure serenity and elegance.

Want to hire professional After Builder Cleaners in West London?

Fast, discreet, and offering high-quality services at adaptable prices, Energy Cleaning is one of the most preferred companies for after-builders cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our teams will arrive fully prepared. The after builders cleaning require special solvents that are stronger than the average one found in your local store. In order to remove stains from paint or glue, we use strictly professional detergents.

We are capable of serving all types of properties both commercial and private. There is never a project too big or too small for us. Our cleaning company treat all customers with respect and tries to deliver high-quality services.

It depends on what type of construction work we are cleaning after and how large is the area that needs our attention. Our chief technician will be able to tell you more during the on-site survey of the location.

Our cleaners can remove smaller things like forgotten sheets of plastic or old paint containers. However, if you need bigger things to be thrown away like actual construction materials, we can assist you upon request.

This cleaning service is designed to deal with the consequences of any type of construction work done to your property. We will remove all stains as best as humanly possible and entirely refresh the estate.

Our cleaning company has a very flexible working time that allows us to dispatch technicians both on weekends and on holidays. All you have to do is coordinate our visit with our front office assistant.


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