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Trust Energy Cleaning to Be Part of Your Gathering in Reading

We all know how exhausting and time-consuming planning an event could be. On top of that, once the gathering has begun, you still need to think about things as the overall cleanliness of the place. What type of black tie event would have gum wrappings and tissues on the floors? Certainly not one entrusted to Reading’s top cleaning company. Energy Cleaning’s teams work tirelessly to provide their customers with the most quality experience possible.

We know how to take care of our customers’ comfort and deliver satisfactory results. With the combined experience of more than four decades of cleaning jobs, our teams are competent enough to deal with any type of situation. Incidents happen in all gatherings, but as long as your cleaners are skilled and have fast reactions, you won’t even find out about them. That is the main reason why Energy Cleaning is so well-known in the Reading area.

What is included in the service

How Does Event Cleaning Work?

This cleaning service takes place during the gathering held by the customer. Throughout the whole event, our experienced cleaners make sure all is spotless, and there are no accidents left uncleaned. Your and your visitors’ comfort is our prime objective.

Type of events served
Site surveys
What to expect
Nothing to worry about

Type of events served

Our cleaning company has trained its teams to work during all types of events. Regardless if we are talking about a funeral or a wedding reception, our crews will perform their job respectfully and diligently in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Site surveys

Every customer has particular needs and envisions their event differently. In this sense, there are no two identical gatherings. To properly understand our customers and provide them with the cleaning services they want, we must organise initial on-site viewings.

What to expect

Our cleaners will arrive at the appointed location fully equipped and instructed. They will attend the event from start to finish, but you will probably not even notice their presence. They will keep the order and tidiness at the gathering, dealing fast and with all difficulties.

Nothing to worry about

Allowing strangers to get close to your guests may pose a serious trait to everybody’s safety. To assure the comfort and well-being of our customers and their visitors all staff members have undergone a careful vetting procedure. Everything is initially checked and approved.

Want to hire professional Event Cleaning Service in Reading?

Fast, discreet, and offering high-quality services at adaptable prices, Energy Cleaning is one of the most preferred companies for event cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The event cleaning is a service that lasts only during the gathering. Throughout it, our teams will make sure all rubbish is removed and put in the designated places.

No, our cleaners will arrive prepared with everything that is needed. You don’t have to provide us with tools or detergents. We know what we are doing.

The before and after event cleanings are different services, we can gladly provide you with. Request them upon booking, and our specially equipped cleaners will arrive at the location in accordance with your needs.

This depends on how big of an event you are planning to have. After the initial viewing, our chef technician can provide you with more information. We are fully capable of dispatching more than twenty cleaners, if necessary.

Our cleaning company is aware that most gatherings happened on weekends and during the holidays, that is why we maintain a flexible working schedule. Our teams are prepared to do the job regardless of when and where it is.

The event cleaning is an hour-based service, but this doesn’t mean we will leave you if the gathering takes longer. You just need to contact the head technician, inform him about the change and arrange the elongation of the service.


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