End of Tenancy Cleaning: Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There comes a time in almost everybody’s lives when we move from our childhood home and rent our first flat. Sometimes you can spend years moving from one place to another before settling down. The important thing is to always be smart and ensure the safe return of your deposit. It can depend on many […]

Prepare and Clean Your Guildford Apartment for the Summer

cleaning a home in Guildford

The birds are singing and there are more and more sunny days each week. Summer is slowly coming, and it is time to prepare your Guildford apartment for the warm season. We asked some of the most renown cleaning companies about what should every diligent homeowner do before the start of June and here is […]

How to Do the Perfect Office Spring Cleaning in Guildford

commercial cleaning in Guildford

It is Spring again, and it is time for a fresh new start. And what a better place to begin the spring cleaning tradition than from your office. Your employees and colleagues will appreciate the positive change plus it will significantly affect their productivity. Studies show people feel more relax and work more efficiently in […]

Spring Cleaning: Why Do We Have to Do It?

Spring cleaning in Oxford

When the first wildflowers start to bloom and the snow is finally gone, all across the globe people begin to prepare their homes for the big annual one-off cleaning. It is fascinating how this century-old tradition has made its way to almost every culture on the planet. But where did it originate from? Why do […]