Spring cleaning Checklist & Tips

Spring Cleaning Checklist UK

Spring cleaning can come with a lot of overwhelm in terms of how much work needs to get done. Many people avoid spring deep cleaning simply because they don’t know where to begin. But we are here to say that it really needn’t be that way.  You don’t need to take a week off to […]

How to remove limescale from a bathroom

Limescale is a common problem in every household. It’s unavoidable. Over time, limescale builds up in your bathroom and any water area you come into contact with on a daily basis. If harsh abrasives and industrial chemicals that can be bad for your skin, lungs and the planet are off your wish list, this guide […]

How to get blood out of carpet?

Life gets messy sometimes – nosebleeds and cuts can happen, but when blood ends up on your carpet or rug, things can get messier. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Whether the stain is still fresh or if the blood has set into the carpet for a couple of hours, in this article we are […]

How to get paint out of carpet?

How to get paint out of carpet?

  Accidents happen, we get it. There are so many ways for the paint to end up on your carpet – painting your living room walls or your kids getting into the acrylic paints in the craft closet – the scenarios are many, but all of them end in the same way – with an […]

Easter Cleaning Checklist: How to Prep Your Oxford Home

Energy Spring Cleaning Checklist free

Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, usually around this time of the year most countries have a couple of days free from work and school. During this period people tend to get together and enjoy the first warm spring days. This is not the moment to clean or do chores. Our Oxford professionals say the […]

Professional Tips: DOs and DON’Ts in Spring Cleaning

yes and no in one off cleaning

It’s time to buckle up and deep-clean the house once again. This is not an easy task and you are bound to make a couple of mistakes along the way. For the perfect Spring cleaning experience, check out these DOs and DON’Ts carefully selected by our Oxford experts. Do: Make a Plan You simply can’t […]

9 Benefits of Spring Cleaning Everybody Should Know

Reading house in Spring

When the birds start chirping and the flowers bloom is once again time to plan your big one-off cleaning. Do not feel discouraged by the amount of work that needs to be done. Think about all the hidden benefits of spring cleaning not only for your home but also for your personal well-being. 1. Use […]

8 Tips to Boost the One-off Cleaning of Your Oxford Home

blooming tree in Spring in Oxford

Spring is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to start preparing to refresh your Oxford home. Planning for the warmer seasons comes at its prise, so free at least one weekend in your schedule. We have gathered a couple of useful and easy tips to boost your annual spring cleaning spree. 1. Wash All […]

How to Clean Your Reading House for Less Than 30 Minutes

house cleaning on the clock

Houses in Reading are usually big and the more room you have, the more time you need to spend on tiding them. Or do you? We have created a professional cleaning method that will take only 30 minutes, and the end result will amaze you. Follow these steps and enjoy a well maintained and tidy […]