Spring cleaning Checklist & Tips

Spring Cleaning Checklist UK

Spring cleaning can come with a lot of overwhelm in terms of how much work needs to get done. Many people avoid spring deep cleaning simply because they don’t know where to begin. But we are here to say that it really needn’t be that way. 

You don’t need to take a week off to tackle the job – and you certainly shouldn’t feel like it’s too much of a chore.

As such, we’ve put together a spring cleaning checklist along with some tips to help you get things done easily and enjoy those warm days. All you have to do is follow the checklist, tick each task off. Simple.

But first…

What is Spring Cleaning?

Simply put, spring cleaning is the tradition of an annual ‘deep clean’ of the house. This means completing tasks that aren’t covered as part of a standard cleaning routine, such as cleaning kitchen appliances or removing limescale deposits, etc.

This type of clean has traditionally been carried out in the spring months of the year, hence the term ‘spring clean’.

Preparation Is Essential

You cannot stress enough how important it is to be properly prepared when you are planning a deep spring cleaning. Consider the following:

  • Stack your home with everything you might need – from kitchen paper to drain cleaner. It will save you both time, trouble and stress.;
  • Quick tidy of things lying around.;
  • Add any obvious rubbish to a bag and get out of the house.;
  • Open windows and let fresh air in.;
  • Get your cleaning supplies and equipment ready and to hand.;
  • If you have kids, you may want to send them to their grandparents as during one-off cleanings a lot of chemical solutions are used and the environment is not safe for small children.;
  • Wear comfy clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, play some music and know your plan of action

Safety First

Another important aspect of deep spring cleaning is the safety issues that may occur. We strongly advise you to:

  • Always read the labels on the bottles and boxes of detergents. Some chemicals can emit toxic fumes when handled wrongly.;
  • Always wear protective gear – goggles, rubber gloves and face masks to protect your skin and eyes from exposure to cleaning agents.;
  • Ensure a fresh airflow in your home especially if you are cleaning with strong chemicals (like bleach).

Spring cleaning rules:

  • Start top to bottom;
  • Always use rubber gloves;
  • Do not mix bleach and chlorine;
  • Use a mask when cleaning with bleach;
  • Do not use strong chemicals around pets and children

Spring cleaning Check List & Tips:

In the entire home:

  • Wash baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, doorknobs and walls;
  • Wash window treatments (drapes, etc.);
  • Sweep and mop every floor;
  • Hoover all carpets and rugs;
  • Vacuum and clean upholstery;
  • Wash throws and cushion covers and any other soft furnishings;
  • Clean air filters;
  • Clean and disinfect all doors, knobs and frames;
  • Wash windows, frames and blinds – inside and out;
  • Dust and wipe light bulbs, lamps and light fixtures;
  • Take everything out of cupboards/drawers and clean inside;
  • Wax wooden flooring;
  • Clean all mirrors;
  • Clean all picture frames;
  • Tend to any plants in every space

Spring cleaning tips for the house:

  • Use newspaper to clean windows/mirrors – Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of water, and 2 teaspoons of liquid soap into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the glass or mirror and scrub with newspaper for streak-free surfaces. The ink acts as a mild abrasive.;
  • Use a butter knife to clean air vents – Use a butter knife to reach those tough get places between and behind vents. Just wrap the knife in a rag and wipe between the slats. Then, open the windows widely and run your central air to fill your home with fresh spring air.


  • Wash the welcome mat;
  • Organize shoes/slippers and prepare for the warm season;
  • Organize coats;
  • Wipe and clean furniture;
  • Clean walls from shoe prints;
  • Wash mirrors

Living room:

  • Dust bookshelves;
  • Hoover under heavy furniture;
  • Clean electronics and remotes;
  • Polish wooden furniture;
  • Clean fireplace;
  • Wipe coffee table

Spring cleaning tips for the living room:

  • Wrap a towel over a broom to clean hard-to-reach places – To wipe away cobwebs and dust that collect in room corners and on ceiling fans, you can secure a towel over the end of a broom with a large rubber band. 


  • Take everything out of the cabinets/drawers. Clean inside and organize;
  • Clean kitchen appliances – coffee maker, microwave, dishwasher, robots, etc;
  • Wipe worktops;
  • Defrost and clean fridge;
  • Wash oven tops;
  • Wash inside the oven;
  • Clean sink, taps, drains;
  • Throw away expired foods;
  • Clean trash bin;

Spring cleaning tips for the kitchen:

  • Clean your microwave by heating lemon juice – Cut a lemon into halves, squeeze the juice into 1/2 cup of water and drop the rinds into the mixture. Microwave the mixture for 3 minutes and let it stand for 5 more minutes without opening the door. The trapped steam will loosen the grime, to help you wipe the microwave clean with less elbow grease.;
  • Clean stainless steel sinks with baking soda – Simply wet your sink, sprinkle baking soda, and scrub with a sponge. If you need more heavy scrubbing power, add salt to the baking soda.;
  • Organize your fridge and cabinets with rotating turntables – You can organize your pantries and refrigerator with this useful storage hack.
  • Place a wet dryer sheet on your ceramic stovetop to remove burnt-on residue – Dryer sheets are non-abrasive and a great way to remove burnt-on food from the stove. Place the wet dryer sheet on your stovetop for at least 15 minutes before rubbing the gunk away.;
  • Use cream of tartar to clean toasters and tea kettles – Combine 1 tsp of cream of tartar with enough water to create a milky paste. Rub the solution onto stainless steel appliances and wipe away to reveal their original shine.

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Dining room:

  • Dust china cabinets;
  • Wipe and clean dining table;
  • Change and wash table cloth;
  • Wipe chairs;
  • Dust shelves


  • Change and wash bedding;
  • Wipe the tops of wardrobes;
  • Dust bedside tables;
  • Organize clothes and belongings;
  • Arrange drawers;
  • Wipe bed frame;
  • Deep-clean mattresses;
  • Flip and rotate mattresses;
  • Clean dressing table

Spring cleaning tips for the bedroom:

  • Unpack and stack your spring/summer clothes vertically – Instead of putting away folded clothes flat, stack them vertically for easy access. You can stack your clothes inside boxes to keep tidy rows inside your drawers.


  • Wash and change towels;
  • Wash toilet bowl;
  • Scrub bathtub and shower cabin;
  • Wash shower head;
  • Clean glass door and mirrors;
  • Polish chrome surfaces;
  • Wash bathroom mat;
  • Clean sink and drains;
  • Wipe cabinets inside and outside

Spring cleaning tips for the bathroom:

  • Use white vinegar to beat shower head buildup – Looking for more natural ways to clean your bathroom? Vinegar can dissolve the mineral deposits that build up in showerheads over time, causing reduced pressure and water flow. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and secure it over the showerhead with a rubber band. Leave it overnight to get rid of the mineral deposits and run the shower before you hop in to avoid smelling like vinegar.;
  • Clean stainless steel sinks with baking soda – Simply wet your sink, sprinkle baking soda, and scrub with a sponge. If you need more heavy-duty scrubbing power, add salt to the soda.;
  • Clean the toilet with coke – Pour cola along the edges of the toilet bowl and leave it overnight. The next day, flush the fizz away and your toilet will look good as new.


  • Swipe and mop porch and garage;
  • Wipe garden furniture;
  • Arrange garden shed;
  • Clean roof and gutters;
  • Remove foliage;
  • Clean drains;
  • Trim bushes;
  • Clean your car – inside and outside

Spring cleaning tips for outside:

  • Clean your grill with half an onion – heat the grill up and spray some white vinegar onto the grates to help loosen the residue. Then, scrub the area firmly using an onion. The acid from the vegetable will rid the grill of any leftover remnants.


  • Check fire detectors;
  • Declutter and rearrange boxes;
  • Sort all clothes and toys – donate, give away or throw;
  • Inspect for pipe leakages;
  • Put bug and rodent repellent

Final thoughts:

Spring cleaning is the one deep cleaning that prepares you to welcome the warm seasons and enjoy those sunny days. But if you feel like you won’t be able to do the job properly, do not hesitate to call the professionals. They have all the equipment and the know-how to do it for you and when your work is done, not only will the sun be shining, your house will too.

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