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Experience a Thorough Extreme Cleaning of Your Property in West London

Discreet and respectful cleaners equipped with unbranded cars
Cleaning the aftereffect of natural disasters, neglect, extreme hoarding
Highly experienced with over 100 successful extreme cleaning projects
Used to work with law enforcement, social services and legal representatives
Prices from £22/h
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Let Energy Cleaning Help You in Your Moment of Need

We can’t plan everything in life, and sometimes bad and unexpected things happen. In these situations, you will need to find someone who can deal with them. Hoarding disorders, unexpected deaths, and substance abuse, they can all render a property uninhabitable. This is the time to seek help from West London’s favourite company – Energy Cleaning. We have developed services strictly to handle these kinds of extreme projects.

With more than a hundred successful cases, our cleaners are fully capable of handling all sorts of dangerous jobs. In some instances, there are serious health treats especially when rodents, decay and lots of insects are involved. We work with strong professional disinfectants and chemicals. Once everything is removed from your property, it undergoes a thorough deep-cleaning. We can make every place safe and habitable.

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About the service

How Will My West London Property Benefit from the Extreme Cleaning Service?

Extreme Cleaning is the process of transforming a property from an unlivable, unsanitary and dangerous place to somewhere you can move in right away. Our goal is to help improve the lives of all members of the West London community.

All properties can be cleaned
When nature strikes
Extreme Hoarding
When things get dangerous

All properties can be cleaned

We can work at all types of properties from hospitals to private estates. Our teams have the necessary knowledge and training to clean and disinfect every location. All crews are equipped with proper protective gear and are aware of the dangers this type of jobs carry.

When nature strikes

Floods or fires there is nothing our cleaners can’t handle. Equipped with specialised gear and strong professional detergents, we can restore the previous shine of your damaged property. Trust our expert judgement and years of experience.

Extreme Hoarding

Our cleaners are always respectful and work closely with the customers to ensure everything in the property is properly sorted. In some situations, we can even offer rubbish removal to speed up the process. Nothing in your estate could scare us.

When things get dangerous

Energy Cleaning often takes the cases nobody else wants - properties of drug abusers, mentally ill or disabled people, even places that have been a scene of foul play. We have even worked with local law enforcement and social services in a couple of occasions.
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With the aim of maximizing the efficiency of our Extreme Cleaning, we have taken great care to meticulously tailor our cleaning services

Our Extreme Cleaning service exceeds the standard package, providing an extensive selection of additional cleaning services. These include carpet cleaning, jet wash, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, and more. You have the flexibility to request any of these services during the cleaning process, except for jet wash, which requires at least one day’s prior notice.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Embark on a remarkable journey of transformation for your carpets with our exceptional Carpet cleaning service, the ideal addition to our comprehensive Extreme cleaning package in West London. Our highly skilled professionals utilize advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to meticulously cleanse and extract deep-seated dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpets, restoring them to a pristine condition. Enjoy the convenience of requesting our Carpet cleaning service alongside the Extreme cleaning service, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

Jet Wash Cleaning

Jet Wash Cleaning

Embark on an extraordinary revitalization of your exterior surfaces with our unmatched Jet Wash cleaning service in West London, a remarkable addition to our comprehensive Extreme cleaning package. Our skilled cleaners utilize high-pressure water jets to effortlessly eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, and persistent stains from various outdoor areas, including driveways, decks, and walls, restoring them to their pristine splendor. Kindly note that our Jet Wash cleaning service should be requested at least one day in advance of the scheduled Extreme cleaning service, ensuring optimal preparation time.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Enhance the cleanliness and visual appeal of your space with our exceptional upholstery cleaning service in West London, a remarkable addition to our Extreme Cleaning package. Our skilled cleaners utilize advanced techniques to thoroughly cleanse and revitalize your upholstery, effectively eliminating dirt, odors, and allergens. Enjoy the convenience of requesting the upholstery cleaning service alongside the Extreme Cleaning, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience for you.

Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Experience our all-inclusive window cleaning service, covering both the interior and exterior surfaces of your windows. Our meticulous approach guarantees the thorough removal of dirt and debris, leaving your windows impeccably clean. Whether it’s eliminating fingerprints and smudges from the inside or tackling accumulated dust and pollutants on the outside, our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional results. You have the flexibility to avail this service at any point during the Extreme Cleaning process in West London, ensuring pristine windows throughout.

Want to hire Extreme Cleaning Services in West London?

Fast, discreet, and offering high-quality services at adaptable prices, Energy Cleaning is one of the most preferred companies for extreme cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our crews are trained to remove dead animals and insects. However, we are a cleaning company and can’t perform pest extermination. If you wish we can give you directions in finding one.

This depends on the state your property is and the extent of the damages. After the survey, our chief technician will be able to give you more information.

Yes, they are obligatory. Our chief technician needs to visit your property, assess the damages and see what needs to be done. Pictures are not always detailed enough. The extreme cleaning service requires an initial survey, but we will do it at the most convenient for you date, time and manner.

Extreme cleaning is designed to remove all traces of natural disasters, neglect or other unfortunate happenings. In this sense, it needs to be delivered before you have your construction workers on the premises. If you wish, you can always hire us to do an after builders cleaning as well.


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