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Why You Need Energy Cleaning

Did you just renovate your home? Have you had any construction work done at your restaurant? Is your property left looking like a building site? Have no worry Energy Cleaning is ready to cleanse and brighten your Milton Keynes estate. Our experts are trained to deal with all kinds of stainings and construction debris. We will diligently inspect and carefully clean the place until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Our cleaning company has as partners some of the biggest brands in the industry in order to perfect the work we do. Using modern methods and constantly implementing innovative solutions, we always try to stay on top of the competition. With high standards in the quality of the provided services and record levels of customer satisfaction in Milton Keynes, Energy Cleaning is the right choice for your property.

What the service includes

What Can You Expect from Our After Builders Cleaning Services?

As one of the most preferred cleaning companies in Milton Keynes, we take immense care of our customers and their properties. You can expect from our technicians to be diligent and straightforward. Our goal is to leave you happy and do the job properly.

Suitable for all types of property
Flexible cleaning checklist
Self-sufficient cleaning teams
Professional opinion

Suitable for all types of property

The Energy cleaners are trained to deal with all types of estates, regardless of them being private homes or commercial buildings. If the property has undergone a renovation, we can make certain the place is well cleaned and refreshed.

Flexible cleaning checklist

The cleaning services we offer can be adapted in accordance with the needs of our customers. If you want to add external window washing to your package, all you have to do is speak to our head technician. You possess complete freedom of choice.

Self-sufficient cleaning teams

Out crews are perfectly capable to be left alone at your property. We are trained professionals and know what to do. You no longer have to waste your valuable time on supervising and constantly repeating instructions. The head technician has got you covered.

Professional opinion

Before the cleaning process starts, our head expert will assess the situation at your property and discuss what needs to be done. We will advise you on what cleaning services are good to include or exclude if there is permanent stain damage and how best to deal with it.
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We have tailored our cleaning services in Milton Keynes to complement and enhance the effectiveness of our After Builders Cleaning in Reading, offering a complete and integrated cleaning solution

Our After Builders Cleaning in Milton Keynes comes with a standard package, but we also offer additional cleaning services for more comprehensive cleaning. These services include carpet cleaning, jet washing, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning, among others. You can request any of these additional services at any time during the cleaning process, except for the jet wash service, which requires at least one day’s advance notice.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Experience the remarkable transformation of your carpets with our exceptional Carpet cleaning service. Our skilled cleaners employ advanced techniques and specialized equipment to meticulously cleanse and extract deep-seated dirt, dust, and debris, restoring your carpets to their original vibrancy and freshness. By combining our Carpet cleaning service with our meticulous After Builders service in Milton Keynes, every aspect of your space receives the dedicated attention it deserves. Enjoy the convenience of requesting our Carpet cleaning service at any time, effortlessly adding this essential step to your post-construction cleaning process.

Jet Wash Cleaning

Jet Wash Cleaning

Opt for our Jet Wash cleaning service in conjunction with our meticulous After Builders cleaning service in Milton Keynes for a comprehensive and transformative cleaning experience. Our expert team utilizes high-pressure water jets to effectively eliminate stubborn debris, construction residue, and unsightly stains from driveways, walkways, and building exteriors, restoring them to their pristine condition. Please keep in mind that the Jet Wash service requires a minimum one-day prior notice to ensure proper scheduling and preparation.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of cleanliness and freshness with our exceptional upholstery cleaning service. Our skilled cleaners effortlessly eliminate embedded dirt, allergens, and stains, bringing new life to your furniture. Experience the revival of vibrant colors and plush comfort, creating an inviting and immaculate living environment. Enjoy the convenience of requesting our upholstery cleaning service at any time during the After Builders service in Milton Keynes, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive cleaning experience.

Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Immerse yourself in the splendor of unobstructed views and the radiant natural light that fills your living spaces with our exceptional Window cleaning service. Our meticulous attention to detail rejuvenates your windows, eliminating dirt, grime, and smudges to unveil a crystal-clear view that illuminates your space and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose to have this service during the initial stages or the final touches of the After Builders cleaning service in Milton Keynes, you have the freedom to request it and savor the transformative results.

Want to hire professional After Builder Cleaners in Milton Keynes?

Fast, discreet, and offering high-quality services at adaptable prices, Energy Cleaning is one of the most preferred companies for after-builders cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is important to state that the detergents used in the after builders cleaning services are different from the rest. As the stains left by construction materials are more persistent and hard to remove, the solvents used must be stronger than the regular ones. Bear in mind that sometimes even the strongest of chemicals can’t completely eliminate a paint smudge from a wooden floor.

Our cleaners can and will remove light waste like plastic wrappers, for example. However, if you want us to get rid of paint, plaster or other building materials, you need to hire a professional rubbish disposal company. There are specialised containers and landfills where the construction debris must be properly disposed of, and we can’t simply throw it in the nearby trash bin.

Our chef cleaner can give you a precise estimate after the initial viewing. In most situations, a tightly organised unit works a lot faster than a large party, but all depends on the vastness and state of your property.

When we are talking about after builders cleaning, they are. We need to know in advance what is the state of your property, and what detergents we have to bring with us. Also, different cleaning equipment is used depending on the situation. We urge our customers to always have an on-site survey before we deliver the wanted cleaning services.


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