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  • Removing the damage caused by all sorts of natural disasters and extreme hoarding
  • Experienced in working with social services and legal representatives
  • Discreet and reliable cleaners, ready to help in your time of need
  • Successfully finished more than 100 extreme cleaning jobs

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Call Energy Cleaning, When Times Get Hard

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and there is nothing to be done about this. However, every small change can make the world to those who suffer trapped in the "prison" of a hospital bed or the one created in their own mind. Inspired by that though we, at Energy Cleaning, have created a service that can help our customers when times get rough. With diligence, our dedicated cleaners will return the brightness of your Oxford property.

We are prepared to work in accordance with our customer's schedule while keeping in mind the urgency of each case. Our cleaners are known in the Oxford and London communities as trustworthy and thoughtful. They will show the needed respect to your property and its inhabitants, and handle your belongings with regard and caution. We understand our customers' concerns and do our best to relieve them from their anxiety and fears.

Extreme cleaners

What Can Energy Cleaning Do for You?

after extreme cleaning

Extreme cleaning is a service designed specifically to help people. It is unique for Oxford County, and it is performed only by the most qualifies cleaning teams. After you call us, you can expect a fast reaction and adequate situational evaluation.

Properties we clean

Our cleaning company is experienced in cleansing mental facilities and hospitals as well as private homes. After the mandatory viewing of the property, we will arrive fully equipped with professional equipment, cleaning detergents and safety gear.

Natural disasters

If your property has suffered thru a flood or fire, it needs to be properly cleaned before the reconstruction work starts. Energy Cleaning is capable of removing the debris and filth, and preparing the estate to be renewed or directly lived in.

Extreme cleaning for extreme situations

A thing you need to know about us is we are not afraid when things get messy. Some of the most extreme cases we have completed include the cleansing of properties which have been the scene of a foul play. If it can be cleaned, we will do it without any hesitation.

Our teams

Energy Cleaning works in accordance with all safety and legal regulations. We don't take lightly our extreme cases. The technicians performing these types of cleaning services are specially trained to work under pressure in abnormal conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I have to provide you with cleaning supplies?

    A: It is not advisory, because all of the cases that need Extreme Cleaning also need the usage of strong, professional detergents and disinfectants. We will arrive fully equipped.

  • Q: How long will it take?

    A: After the viewing is done, our technician will be capable of giving you a time estimate.

  • Q: Do you offer pest extermination?

    A: We will dispose of all the dead animals and insects we find on the property. However, our cleaning company does not offer pest control services. We can give you directions on what professionals you need to call.

  • Q: Do I need to be present for you to perform the cleaning service?

    A: No, you don’t. If you are in another city or county, you can just send us the keys. We will do our job and keep you informed about the state of your property. When we finish, we will send you back the keys.

  • Q: What results can I expect?

    A: Depending on what you want, the property will either be habitable again or be fully prepared for the construction workers to enter. Keep in mind some stains can’t be completely eliminated. Nevertheless, you will be able to properly use your estate again.

  • Q: Do you remove mould?

    A: Our technicians will dust and wipe the mould. Sadly, if the damages are too deep, and the fungi have already spread in the walls and ceiling, we are with tied hands. You will need to call a professional mould-removing company.


We recently had a pipe problem in Cowley, OX that resulted in flooding the ground floor of our home. We called Energy, and they assured us, they have the perfect cleaning service for such unfortunate cases. All of the furniture was drenched in water, and mud was all over the place. The cleaning crews arrived as scheduled and worked non-stop for two days until everything was back to normal. Incredible cleaning services, delivered by incredible people!

Vanessa Black

Amazing service! I can't believe what you guys have managed to do in such a short period of time. The house looks habitable again!

Ann Backer

I wasn’t sure Energy can handle the mess at my grandparent's house. Was pleasantly surprised. Fast and dedicated workers, no need for me to constantly supervise them. Thumbs up!

Will Lloyd

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