Easter Cleaning Checklist: How to Prep Your Oxford Home

Energy Spring Cleaning Checklist free

Energy Spring Cleaning Checklist free
Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, usually around this time of the year most countries have a couple of days free from work and school. During this period people tend to get together and enjoy the first warm spring days. This is not the moment to clean or do chores. Our Oxford professionals say the weeks before Easter are ideal for a fast house cleansing. This is why our trustworthy cleaners have created the perfect Easter Checklist. It examines the 6 most important things you need to tidy in your home. With this new approach, you and your family will surely put everything in order faster and better.

Preparation Is Essential

We can’t stress enough how important it is to be properly prepared when you are planning a big clean-up like this one. Consider the following:

  • Depending on how big your home is you might have to take a few days of work. This is, of course, easily avoidable if you decide to use your local cleaning services.
  • Stack your home with everything you might need – from kitchen paper to drain cleaner. It will save you both time and negative emotions.
  • Remove your pets from the home while the deep-cleaning is taking place for maximum results. This means you have to find a pet hotel or a sitter in advance.
  • If you have a toddler, you may want to send them to their grandparents as during one-off cleanings a lot of chemical solutions are used and the environment is not safe for a small child.

Safety First

Another important aspect of thorough spring cleaning is the safety issues that may occur. Our professional one-off Oxford cleaners strongly advise to:

  • Always read the labels on the bottles and boxes of your detergents. Some chemicals can emit toxic fumes when handled the wrong way.
  • Wear protective gear like goggles, rubber gloves and face masks. Protect your skin and eyes from exposure to cleaning agents.
  • Do not attempt to clean mould on your own. These fungi can carry a serious hazard as some species are toxic. Call a professional mould removing company to asses the situation and clean the premises.
  • Ensure a fresh airflow in your home especially if you are cleaning with strong chemicals like bleach.
  • Do not attempt to try out questionable DIY recipes. Stick to what you know works and only try something after careful research.

Easter Spring Cleaning in Oxford

The sun is finally making its way through the clouds above Oxford and you need to take advantage of it. Use the good weather for tidying up things you ordinary skip or leave for the expert house cleaners.

  • Carpet washing – You cant have a good one-off cleaning if you skip your rugs and carpets. However, if you can’t afford to wash them professionally, you can always do it by yourself. Remember to leave your carpeting under direct sunlight until everything is completely dried off.
  • Patio and driveway – Remove the debris, mud and leaves, the rains have gattered in from of your house. Use a jet pressure machine for maximum effect.
  • House deck – Time for a fast freshening up. Wash the boards, wipe the furniture and do some repairs if needed.
  • Rearrange the garage – Bring out your garden furniture and yard games and put back your winter sports gear. Swipe the floors and clean the shelves.
  • Pantry Cleaning – check all of your jars and cans for expired foods. Remove everything that has gone bad and free some space.
  • Windows and curtains — If the weather is warm and cloudy gather your cleaning gear, its time to wash the windows, While you are at it — launder the curtains as well.

Download Free Checklist: Energy Spring Cleaning Checklist

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