8 Tips to Boost the One-off Cleaning of Your Home

blooming tree in Spring

Spring is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to start preparing to refresh your home. Planning for the warmer seasons comes at its price, so free at least one weekend in your schedule. We have gathered a couple of useful and easy tips to boost your annual spring cleaning spree.

1. Wash All Reusable Grocery Bags

With nature in danger, more and more people are using grocery bags made of cloth. However, you shouldn’t forget that these bags can also be home to bacteria. That’s why you need to turn them inside out and wash them. To protect the fabric, make sure to check the recommended washing temperature on the label.

2. Clean Your Cutting Boards With Lemon

With small pieces of food stuck in the cracks of your cutting board, it is among the most bacteria-friendly places. That’s why you should clean them regularly. One of the easiest ways to do so is by cutting a lemon in two and rubbing the board with it. The lemon acid will kill off a large percentage of the microorganisms. For even better results, you can sprinkle the board with baking soda first. Not only will your cutting board smell fresh, but you’ll also minimise the marks left from cutting food.

3. Refresh Your Makeup

With our busy lives, we can sometimes forget to take care of our makeup equipment. Brushes and sponges need to be washed not only during the spring cleaning but regularly. But you also needn’t forget about your makeup. If you’re clearing your Oxford home this spring, make sure to go through your collection. What to do? Toss all expired or old products and wash the makeup bags.

fridge in an Oxford home4. Defrost the Fridge and Clean It

As you probably know, in order to serve you for many years, the fridge should be regularly defrosted (by regularly, we mean once or twice a year). Our one-off cleaning company suggest the perfect time for that is during the spring tidying of your home. How to do it properly? Make sure to start eating the food a week before you clean the fridge. Defrost it at least 12 hours and wipe it with a solution of water, vinegar and lemon juice.

5. Clean the Shower Curtain

Humidity is one of the factors that help bacteria multiply. And the bathroom is among the rooms with the highest moisture levels in the house. That is why it should get special attention, Oxford Spring Cleaners say. However, while the tiles and grouts get cleaned regularly, there is one item most people forget about and that’s the shower curtain. If you have made the same mistake, you can easily fix it – simply fill out a spray bottle with vinegar and water, and wipe the curtains with a microfibre cloth.

6. Clean and Wash Children’s Toys

If you’re a proud parent of a toddler before the age of six, then you probably know how often children put the toys in their mouth. That is why you should regularly wash the plush toys and clean the plastic ones. Make sure to avoid using any strong detergents as the gentle child skin can be sensitive. Instead, use natural cleaning products and rinse the toys very well.

7. Refresh the Mattress, Like Spring Cleaning Companies Advise

The cleanliness of your mattress has a great effect on the quality of your sleep. That is why it should be properly washed at least a couple of times a year. The easiest way to do so is to sprinkle it with baking soda, leave it for about 10-15 minutes and vacuum it. For better results, consider hiring a company to eradicate the dust mites from the mattress. These microscopic creatures (not to be confused with bed bugs) live on the mattress and the pillows and feed of our dead skin. Studies show that about 25% of a pillow’s mass is made out of dead mites. Needless to say, that can have a bad effect on your respiratory system.

front porch 8. Clean the Areas Outside Your Home

The green spaces of your Oxford house also need some refreshing this time of year. With warm weather quickly approaching, you need to sort out the garden and clean the outdoor spaces. Of course, you can always hire a gardener to get rid of the dead shrubs. However, you’ll need to clean and declutter the space yourself.

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