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  • We clean by your rules
  • Flexible work hours
  • Deploy as many cleaners as needed
  • Spot-on commercial and private spring cleaning services

Prices from £15/h

We Are the Oxford One-off Cleaners You Can Lean On

With years of experience behind our back and countless satisfied customers, Energy Cleaning is one of the most highly rated companies in Oxford and London counties. We can adequately consult you and evaluate the state of your property. After which together with your help, we can create a custom cleaning plan. It will include all the services your estate needs to become the spotless, fresh property you deserve.

The people of Oxford county constantly seek the help of our cleaning company because they know, we are completely dedicated to our customers. With a direct and truthful approach, our cleaners will always tell you if something is not humanly possible and offer an alternative solution. Being open and faithful to our customers allows us to communicate better and deliver more honest and realistic results. If we can’t clean it, it is because it can’t be done.

One-off cleaning

One-off Cleaning Prices in Oxford

 Hour rate £15
 Equipment £10
 Detergents £5
 Min. charges apply

What Is One-off/Spring Cleaning and How Do We Do It?

One-off cleaner

One-off cleaning is the process of deep-cleaning your whole property at one go. It includes various cleaning services and leaves your premises fresh and spotless. With our high-quality gear, extensive experience and skilled teams, we can make it look like a child’s play.

Respecting your privacy and personal belongings

Our goal is to establish a good relationship with our customers. Your safety and comfort are our priority. That is why all of our cleaners have undergone thru a detailed vetting process. We do our job with discretion and consideration to your personal space and possessions.

What do we clean?

Our service includes mopping, dusting and vacuuming every room, window and mirror polishing, bathroom and toilet cleaning. We will take good care of your soft furniture and beddings. Upon request, we can perform any other cleaning service you may wish.

How do we clean it?

With care and diligence, we will follow a custom checking list developed with your help. Our skilled cleaners are fully prepared to wipe, scrub, wash and vacuum every millimetre of your property all while using the most suitable cleaning detergents and sensitisers.

What can you expect from Energy Cleaning?

Our cleaning company has developed an effective and flexible cleaning system. Each service can be combined with one and other, creating a custom solution for each different type of property. Hotels, homes, restaurants, churches, we can clean all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How many people will arrive at my property?

    A: It depends on how big is your estate. Our cleaning teams usually consist of 3 to 9 technicians. But if needed we can arrange much larger parties.

  • Q: Do you clean AC and ventilation systems?

    A: Of course, if they are reachable in an arms-length, we will wipe and dust them.

  • Q: Is external window cleaning part of the service?

    A: Our technicians will thoroughly wash your windows and frames from the inside and wipe them at arm's length from the outside. However, when we are talking about external cleaning, you need to know that specialized equipment is involved. We advise you to combine the one-off service with our professional external window cleaning for maximum results.

  • Q: Can you clean mould and mildew from my home?

    A: Our cleaners are instructed to dust and brush all spots and stains from your walls and floors. However, keep in mind, it is a superficial cleaning service. If you want a deep mould removal, you must contact your local health and construction professionals.

  • Q: Can you clean my walls?

    A: Wall stains are very tricky as they can permanently damage paint and wallpaper. Upon inspection, we will be able to tell if we can aid you, or you will need to seek a professional builder’s help.

  • Q: Can you clean professional kitchens?

    A: Yes, in fact, they are one of our specialities. Keep in mind it is an additional cleaning service you need to book separately, as it requires a mandatory viewing of the place by our chef technician.


Great job! My house looks amazing! I never thought using a cleaning company will make such s difference. Left them the key and went to work, came home to find everything in clean and in place.

Ron Wetton

This March I used the cleaners from Energy to do my house’s Spring cleaning and was amazed at their professionalism, equipment and detergents. It is already mid-summer here in North Oxford, and my furniture and carpets still haven't lost their fresh look. Amazing, can't wait to call them again!

Ellie Jones

At first, I was worried to let strangers into my home, but the Energy team were so nice and understanding. Really professional service!

Rose Mitchell

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