Prepare and Clean Your Apartment for the Summer

cleaning a home in Guildford

The birds are singing and there are more and more sunny days each week. Summer is slowly coming, and it is time to prepare your apartment for the warm season. We asked some of the most renowned cleaning companies about what should every diligent homeowner do before the start of June and here is what they advised us to do.

Get Your AC Ready

Having no way of cooling down in the hot months sounds quite unpleasant. That is why you need to prepare your home in advance. Clean the filters and all external parts of the AC. Do a test run to see if all is working well. Make sure to check if:

  • It actually blows cold air;
  • The AC makes funny, loud noises;
  • There is a strong smell of burning rubber or other strange odours.
  • If something is not right do not hesitate to call your apartment maintenance crew out to fix it, so will be prepared for Summer.

Inspect All Doors and Windows

You need to make sure everything closes properly and there is no problem with the insulations. During the winter the rubber lining on your windows may freeze and crack. Large gaps under your doors may appear due to high humidity levels or other damage. If you don’t want to lose money and refresh the cold air during the peak of Summer check everything very carefully.

clean window screens in Guildford homeClean the Window Screens of Your Home

This is something people often forget when doing their regular Spring cleaning. You wash the windows but ignore the screens, and they are the dirtiest. All sorts of pollen, dust, small particles, dead bugs and germs get stuck to the surface. If you can remove the screen windows and doors for that matter and wash them with soap and cold water. Let them dry before putting them back in their places.

Your Air Vents Need Some Attention

You need to clean the vent responsible for directing excess hot air outside your apartment at least once a year. Professional domestic cleaners advise doing that every six months – before the start of the cold seasons and at the beginning of the hot ones. Here is how to tidy the air vents in your Guildford home:

  • Switch off the dryer and remove it from the wall
  • Carefully loosen the clamp used to secure the vent to the dryer;
  • Pull the vent open.
  • Hover the dust and debris using your vacuum’s hose attachment.
  • Return everything to its original place.

Cleaning girl in a Guildford apartmentDo a Thorough Spring Cleaning of Your Apartment

Time to refresh and prepare your apartment for the summer. Apart from the well-known chores, you need to do during this process, experts recommend trying out the following cleaning services:

  • Deep washing your beddings, upholstery, carpeting and mattresses;
  • Steam cleaning your furniture, windows and floors;
  • Degreasing and disinfecting your kitchen appliances like ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and fridges;

You can do most of these without additional help with just a couple of tools. Most Guildford companies offer different one-off cleaning services so you can choose what you want to do by yourself and which to leave for the professionals.

Bug Inspection

During Spring and Summer, most insects start to multiply and “bug” our day-to-day lives. During the one-off cleaning of your apartment, you need to remove all cobwebs to reduce the number of spiders. Inspect your home for cockroaches and fruit flies. Check your flowerpots especially if you have just bought new plants. If you spot an increase of small insects in your home, you need to either consult with a specialist or take matters into your own hands and get the can of bug spray ready.

summer drinks in a Guildford apartmentEnsure Your Cold Summer Drinks

Similar to the AC the fridge is one of the modern-day inventions that help us to survive the hot seasons. Make sure to check its systems and its automatic ice maker. Everything must work properly. If you don’t have this feature place plenty of cube trays to freeze.

Now you are ready to welcome the hot summer days!

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