8 Ways to Make Your Guildford Spring Cleaning Fun

Fun Home Cleaning in Guildford

Spring cleaning is one of the oldest traditions, everybody does it. Some people even procrastinate their chores for months until this home event. The reason is very simple, cleaning is boring, you go around the house hovering each room and overall doing dull repetitive actions. But what if we tell you the one-off tidying can be fun for the whole family? We have spoken with a couple of Guildford’s most reputable cleaners and come up with some suggestions that will definitely make Spring cleaning a pleasant experience for you and your loved ones.

Time to “Move it! Move it!”

Music is one of the oldest ways of entertainment, and it goes surprisingly well with house cleaning. Create a funky playlist and enjoy it while swiping and mopping. The tunes may even make you work faster and make the passage of time go unnoticed. What a better way to prepare your home for vacation season than to listen to summer hits and imagine yourself at the beach?

Why Don’t You Read A Good Book?

Maybe you get too distracted listening to music, so here is an interesting alternative – try an audiobook. In the past couple of years, a lot of apps have been developed that can help you read without actually using your eyes. Listen about the adventures of your favourite heroes while doing your spring cleaning chores. We guarantee you: the results will be amazing. Even trained professionals use this method to relax and speed up their work process.

cleaning tools in a Guildford houseCleaning Marathon in Your Own Guildford Home

Organise a competition amongst you and your family members or roommates. Spice up things by placing as a reward something highly desirable like a trip or a nice dinner. Ready, set, go! Your cleaning marathon is designed to be fun and to encourage you to finish with your chores as fast as possible. Who knows, with the right motivations you may be able to tidy up your big Guildford house in just one day.

It’s All about the Right Energy!

Literally, if you feel tired you won’t be able to do to much work. That’s why we propose to cook before you clean. Make some delicious snacks like cookies, brownies or even popcorn. If you don’t train regularly, the annual spring cleaning can be an exhausting even for you. That way keeps your spirits and energy levels by relying on good old chocolate!

Organise a Spring Cleaning Party

Why don’t you invite your friends over to help and have some fun? The more, the merrier. Usually, during Spring cleaning, people declutter their homes from old or unused items. Arrange your wardrobes and sort through your clothes. Who loves to play dress up especially if they can find themselves keeping the clothes afterwards?

Spring Cleaning in the Era of Mass Communications

Your friends don’t have to be with you in Guildford, to have fun together. You can always call them or organise a video chat. Make the cleaning chores more pleasant by spending this time talking to your friends. Everybody loves a good gossip plus you never know what cleaning advise your mates may give you. It is a win-win situation if you ask us.

window cleaning in a house in GuildfordCleaning Party at Your Guildford Garden

Not everybody can afford professional cleaning services and sometimes you just need to inventive. Your carpets and upholstery need washing, so here is a good idea. Plan a Spring cleaning party in the garden. Call your friends and have a great time playing and cleaning with lots of water and soap. Who needs to go to the beach, when you can have your own water park in your backyard.

A Good Film Can Fix Everything

If you don’t feel like inviting your friends over and it’s gloomy and rainy outside, just play your favourite shows and films while dusting and arranging the home. You will keep yourself entertained while diligently scrape, scrub and wash. Just remember to pay attention to what you are doing, as watching TV can sometimes slow significantly the cleaning process.

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