How to Do the Perfect Office Spring Cleaning

happy staff after commercial cleaning

It is Spring again, and it is time for a fresh new start. And what better place to begin the spring cleaning tradition than from your office? Your employees and colleagues will appreciate the positive change plus it will significantly affect their productivity. Studies show people feel more relaxed and work more efficiently in a clean environment. In that train of thought, our Guildford professionals have prepared a couple of commercial cleaning suggestions that will brighten up your working space.

Start with Something Simple

The first step of the one-off office cleaning is to put all of the small things into their place:

  • Ask your employees to tidy their desks.
  • All papers and documents must be properly stored.
  • Empty all of the trash bins.
  • Remove the rubbish from the communal area.
  • Cups and plates must be put in their places.
  • Small items like sticky notes, pens, and pencils must be put in the drawers.

Disinfect Your Office

clean your Guildford office

The next step is to properly sanitise the things you touch the most in your workplace:

  • Wipe your office phones.
  • Dust the PC screens.
  • Clean the laptops and keyboards.
  • Wipe your desk with a sanitiser.
  • Remember to also clean your chair and armrests.
  • Consider washing all doorknobs as well.

Time to Let the Sunshine in

Thankfully during spring in Guildford, the weather is mostly cloudy, and it presents the perfect conditions for window washing. Depending on where your office is located you might consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to take care of it. This way you will be certain your windows will be properly washed from both sides and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your employees.

Dust away Your Worries

After everything is put in its right place, it’s time to take care of the dust in the office, professional cleaners advise doing the following:

  • Use a microfibre duster with a telescopic handle, so you can reach even the hardest corners.
  • Wipe dusty surfaces with a damp rag or cloth, so you will remove the dirt more efficiently.
  • Open a window while you are dusting, so the small particles won’t irritate your respiratory tract.
  • Avoid using feather dusters as they only spread the dirt as opposed to removing it.
  • Always start dusting from top to bottom, this way you won’t have to do the same thing twice.

Organise Your Storage

clean a office storage in GuildfordAlmost every office has a storage room. During your spring cleaning, it is the perfect time to put this room into order.

  • Organise all of the documents.
  • Arrange the cardboard boxes.
  • Put new labels on the containers.
  • Dust the shelves and remove the cobwebs.
  • Inspect for mould or moist spots on the walls and ceiling.
  • Mop the floors.

Deep Clean the Carpeting and Furniture

It is customary to deep-wash all rugs and upholstery during the annual commercial one-off cleaning of your Guildford office. Remember to:

  • Vacuum every rug, mat and carpet in the office, after that, depending on the fabric they are made of, they can be either steam cleaned or dry washed.
  • All curtains must be laundered and ironed.
  • The furniture must also be deep-washed and any stains need to be cleaned.

If you don’t have time for everything, lots of companies in Guildford can offer you a great variety of commercial cleaning services. It will definitely be an easier solution.

Prepare Your Mop

After the floors are vacuumed and all of the carpeting is properly washed the last thing you need to do is mop them. Remember to use the right cleaning detergents in accordance with your flooring – wood, stone, etc. Open a window or two to ensure a fresh air flow will enter the rooms and help everything to dry off quickly.

commercial bathroom cleaning in GuildfordCleanse Your Office Bathroom

This is one of the dullest cleaning chores but nevertheless, it needs to be done:

  • Wipe the mirrors.
  • Clean the sinks and all bathroom accessories.
  • Wash the toilet bowls and remember to do the same with the brushes.
  • Change the toilet paper and towels.
  • Place new air fresheners.
  • Mop the floors.
  • Sanitise all door knobs.

Take Care of the Plants in Your Guildford Office

Last but not least, it is time to refresh the greenery in your workspace. Wipe the leaves of your office plants with a damp cloth to remove all of the accumulated dust. Don’t forget to water them and remove any weeds. If needed replant some of them in bigger pots and you can even bring some more seasonal flowers in the office. If you own the right vegetation, it can help you and your employees to increase your productivity and release the build-up stress.

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