6 Easily Avoidable Cleaning Mistakes in Your Guildford Home

learn the most frequent cleaning mistakes

There is a right way of doing things and there is a wrong one. When it comes to your housecleaning tasks it may get a little tricky as here incorrect decisions can have a negative effect on your wellbeing. That is precisely why our Guildford cleaning experts have composed a list of the most common cleansing mistakes. Learn from the best what to avoid and how to properly protect your home.

1. Using a Feather Duster

  • Why?

Feather dusters look very nice in commercials and almost all maids in TV shows use one of those around the house. However, in real life, these tools are extremely ineffective as they cant collect the dust. They simple disperse it all around the nearby surfaces. Feather dusters can easily cause an asthma attack or trigger an allergic reaction in people who are dust/pollen/pet intolerant.

  • What to do? 

Simply use a microfibre duster with a telescopic handle. This way you can reach all the hard places in your home and be certain all of the dust is properly collected.

2. Having the Wrong Cleaning Order

  • Why?

When an unprepared homeowner begins to vacuum or wipe the usual mistake they do is that they hoover and then dust around starting from the lowest shelves. The only thing you will achieve this way is to spread dirt and dust on the surface you have already cleaned, making your actions redundant.

  • What to do?

All professional cleaning companies know the importance of the simple top to bottom rule, and our Guildford experts are no different. This means you first wipe and dust starting from the top shelves and hover at the very end.

3. Using the Same Cloth All around Your Guildford Home

  • washing rag in a Guildford houseWhy?

It is very unsanitary to use the same microfibre cloth to wipe dust, clean windows and polish furniture. You will end up spreading germs from one place to another.

  • What to do?

Have a specific rag for each chore and remember to clean them after each time you have used them.

4. Having an Unwashed Laundry Machine

  • Why not?

Incredible enough your washing machine does need a good scrubbing once in a while. All the leftover residue from the used detergents, skin cells, mites and general dust and dirt is stored deep within its parts. That is neither healthy or sanitary.

  • What to do?

At least once a month clean all external parts of your machine. Then put it on the programme with the highest temperature, pour some baking soda and vinegar and switch on, When it is halfway done pause it and leave the inner parts of your washer to soak well in the DIY solution. Then finish the programme. If the smell bothers you, you can put it on another fast empty cycle and all will be good.

5. Forgetting about Your Hover

  • Why?

Much like the washing machine, the vacuum also needs monthly care. Most owners don’t regularly change the hover’s bag/container and never wipe the actual machine. This way they create the perfect environment for growing mould and all sorts of germs and then spreading them around the home.

  • What to do?

Empty your vacuum container after every use and change the bag regularly. Everythime you use your hover remember to clean the machine from the outside from any dust and small particles.

6. Cleaning the Drains in Your Guildford Home Only Once a Year

  • drain in a Guildford homeWhy?

Usually, homeowners wash their drains either when they are clogged or it is time for spring cleaning. This, however, is a very big mistake. Our Guildford cleaning experts explain that the dirtier the drain, the more bacteria spread in the pipes and respectively in and around your sink.

  • What to do?

Every couple of weeks pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda in the drain. During your regular house cleanings do not forget to carefully wash all parts of the sinks including the taps.

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