Post Construction Cleaning: What You Need to Know

builders in a Reading house

Summer is the season in which everybody starts to renovate their home. From a small paint job to a big reconstruction, people utilise the warm pleasant weather to the fullest. An essential part of preparing your home for the cold months is the after builders cleaning. Removing stains, washing windows and overall eliminating all traces of construction activity. Due to the used materials and paints, this could actually be a harder job than the reconstruction itself. That is why we at one of Reading’s top cleaning companies have decided to help our customers with a couple of practical advise. Our experts will reveal part of their secrets and aid you in your quest or a tidier home.

Areas You Must Scrub Well

If you have ever done construction work in your home, you will be familiar with what we are talking about. However, if this is your first time, pay attention to the following:

  • Window and door frames – Especially, if painting the walls around them, was involved. The best way to remove these types of stains from aluminium frames is by using a damp cloth and a construction spatula. Wrap the tool with the fabric and gently scrape the plastic.
  • Corners – They are the ultimate hot spots for dust and debris when you change the tiles in your Reading home. The fastest way to clean them without using a hover is by swiping them with a paintbrush and then collecting everything with a broom.
  • Switches, doorknobs and light fixtures – You need to wipe them with a damp cloth to remove the dust and small particles.
  • post construction cleaning of the air vents in a Reading homeAir vents and AC filters – You bet, these two are covered in construction dust. Wash the filters and use a hand vacuum for the vents. You can even call for professional cleaning help if things are too dirty.
  • Flat surfaces – They all need to be wiped with a damp cloth. You can even put a few drops of multipurpose cleaner.
  • Carpets, upholstery and bedding – No matter how good you wrap everything, at the end of the construction process, all will be dusty. To save time and effort search for the closest after builders cleaning services in Reading. Do it the smart way.

Cleaning Construction Stains from Your Reading Home

These are the hardest and most risky stains you can encounter. They are very resistant, and some of them are permanent. That is why you need to monitor your construction workers constantly. Here is what you need to avoid:

  • Paint – It can be removed from plastic surfaces fairly easily, however, it is almost permanent when it comes to most fabrics. Paint can also damage seriously wooden floors, and it’s practically impossible to clean it.
  • Plaster – Do not leave it to dry off. Some types can be removed with just water others may need specialised cleaning products. On general plaster doesn’t leave permanent staining.
  • Varnish – You will need a varnish removal and some other professional tools. If you don’t want to risk damaging the surface you ware attempting to wash, rely on your local after builders cleaners for the job.

What NOT to Do During Your After Builders Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is not for everybody. You need to follow certain rules and safety guidances when you attempt to do everything all by yourself.

  • post construction cleaning rulesDo not use your good vacuum cleaner. This is very important if you don’t want to spend extra on a new hover. Do not vacuum the construction debris, as the small particles can damage the filters. Swipe the floor with a broom, then mop it. If you really need to use a hover consider purchasing a cheap hand vacuum.
  • Do not use DIY cleaning solutions. They just won’t work. Construction stains are a tuff opponent and you need to rely on professional cleaning products if you want to polish your wooden floors.
  • Do not treat your carpets and upholstery with stain removals for clothes. There is a huge difference in products and the way they interact with different materials. Detergents made for clothes usually act quicker and need to be properly rinsed with water. You can’t do that when you are cleaning a stain in the middle of your carpet. Avoid experimenting and ruining your furniture and items.
  • Do not attempt to do a post-construction clean of your home without protective gear. Your eyes and skin can get easily irritated and not to mention the breathing problems that may occur as a result of the microscopic dust in the air.
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