What Is Dust and Why It Is Harmful to Our Health

Dusting and Cleaning

Dusting is a boring but necessary household chore. But why is that? Why do we need to remove the dust from our homes? What is so negative about it? Our professional Reading cleaners are here to answer your questions and introduce you to the best dusting technics. Check out what you need to avoid when cleaning your home and learn how to stay healthy and happy.

So Basically Dust Is…

In general, dust is a mixture of miniature particles of solid matter. Depending on its location, its contents may be different. For example in nature, it is a mix of pollen, various soil components, pollution, animal particles, etc. In the human environment like our homes, offices and other buildings, dust is made of textile and paper fabrics, pet and human hairs, skin cells, several minerals, etc.

How Does It Affect Our Heath

With one word – negative. Dust is not something you want in your home primarily for two reasons.
There are microscopic arachnids generally called dust mites which live in our homes and offices. They feast on dead human skin but thankfully avoid contact with actual living people. Dust mites prefer to live in dark and humid places like inside your bedding, upholstery and carpets. They produce large amounts of allergens that can seriously damage your health and trigger severe reactions.

Aside from the mites, dust contains serious levels of pollen and other pollutants. Sometimes it can even be toxic and if not regularly cleaned it can damage your pulmonary and nervous systems. It is especially dangerous for babies and toddlers as their immune system is not fully developed yet.
Anyone exposed for too long to dust is in danger as it is easy to inhale these microscopic toxins.

The Most Efficient Cleaning Methods

You’ve maybe seen some old cartoons where the maid or butler go around carrying a feather duster. Well don’t be fooled, there is a reason no respectful cleaning company uses these tools nowadays. There are way more effective methods to remove dust from different surfaces.

  • duster in a Reading houseUse a Steam cleaner. This way you will not only get rid of small particles but you will also disinfect and kill all germs.
  • The magic of the microfibre duster. It is even better if it has a telescopic handle. The microfibre fabric will collect all particles on top of that it is easy to wash.
  • A simple damp cloth. You have no idea how effective is this simple method. Forget about expensive tools just use a cotton or a microfibre cloth to wipe out dust from your shelves, books, and pictures.
  • HEPA filters are a must. Purchase a vacuum cleaner equipped with a proper HEPA filtration system. This way you will not only clean your floors but cleanse the air as well.

Cleaning Mistakes You Need to Avoid In Your Reading Home

Although dusting doesn’t sound like hard work there are specific rules you need to follow. However, most people are unaware of them and as our professional cleaners often discover they end up harming their health and damaging their property. So here is what NOT to do when cleaning your home from dust:

  • air conditioner in a Reading buildingIgnore the AC. These amazing machines keep us cold in summer and warm in winter but we need to take proper care of them. Usually, they filtrate the air and gather tons of dust. You must clean your AC filters at least once a month, to keep your AC properly running.
  • Forget your bedding gets dusty as well. Pillows, blankets and sheets must be regularly washed. You must vacuum your mattress at least every other week to avoid the accumulation of dust mites.
  • Use the wrong tools. When dusting you want to collect the small particles, not to spread them. Choose carefully your duster.
  • Do not pay attention to your vacuum cleaner’s attachments. Pro cleaners say this is the most common mistake of all. People just use the generic brush on their hover and ignore the others. Do not skip this golden opportunity to remove dust fast and efficiently, check your hover’s attachments.
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