How to Maintain Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean on The Go

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restaurant cleaning in OxfordKeeping a business property clean at times requires meeting certain standards. Such is the case with restaurant kitchens. If you are a restaurant owner in Oxford, and in the UK for that matter, you ought to maintain the professional kitchen clean up to law regulations or else you risk the business getting fined or even closed.

However, small restaurants can’t always afford to employ a commercial cleaning company, so the work lies on the already busy shoulders of chefs and general restaurant personnel.

To make the task a tad bit easier and seamless, our expert industrial cleaners recommend you include the following habits into the daily work of your kitchen employees:

Vinegar – Your Kitchens’ Cleaning Friend

The biggest enemy of a commercial kitchen is… Time. And it’s exactly over time that those water rings left on the metal countertop turn into uncleanable limescale marks. Or the water dripping from the taps hardens so much that even the most powerful product is unable to break it down. Or maybe it’s the day-to-day task of polishing water stains from cutlery that drives your personnel mad?
No matter the case, you can avoid heavy scrubbing and keep all metal surfaces in your restaurant shining with the help of vinegar. Use a dishcloth and a tiny amount of white vinegar to polish the surfaces that need it. The best part – your kitchen is probably already stacked with this cheap and effective solution.

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The Soft Metal Scrubber and the Oxford Kitchen Cleaning

Working in a commercial kitchen, and cleaning it in particular, is about the intersection of speed and quality. The faster you’re able to complete a task up to a high standard, the better. Washing the cookware and kitchen tools is no exception to that rule. And that’s when our favourite sponges we are used to using at home fail to deliver good enough results. For a cleaning worthy of commercial standards, you need to use a more effective tool such as a soft metal scrubber. It will break down all grease and grime faster and it won’t harm the surfaces of your utensils if you use a light hand.

 Olive Oil Can Clean Stubborn Grease Residue

Yes, you can indeed fight fire with fire using this cleaning method. It’s genius actually. Olive oil manages to loosen up greasy stains that won’t come off even with soapy water. Simply soak a tablecloth in a tiny amount of oil, place it on top of the grimy area and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Once you wipe off the surface, you’ll see how easy it is to remove all residual grease. Still, if there’s any grime left, follow up with a tiny amount of vinegar and it will be gone.

Smart Cleaning Hack for Your Oxford Kitchen

Graters are a tricky tool to clean. Often, tiny particles of cheese and other products remain in the holes, no matter how careful you were with washing it. Make yourself the habit of grating a fresh potato after washing the grater as it removes any cheese contents that have stuck on the inside. All you have to do afterwards is just rinse the grater over warm water and voila! It’s ready to be used again.

Overnight Cleaning Tasks

We’ve mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating – commercial kitchens should be kept clean to a certain standard. Usually, this includes disinfection tasks that aim to destroy any pathogens and bacteria on the surfaces around them. But one weak spot often remains under the radar – the wet kitchen sink. Not wiping it from residual water for a prolonged period of time provides a great environment for bacteria to thrive and reproduce. Additionally, wiping the surfaces with a dry towel each night prevents water spots and rust marks from forming.

As you can see, it’s possible to introduce some cleaning even in the busiest of days in a restaurant. The best part – all methods have been tried and tested in commercial cleaning settings and they work miracles! But if you don’t have the time to deal with it all on your own and your kitchen desperately needs some attention, make sure to check our industrial cleaning solutions in Oxford and the surrounding areas as the easiest of all options.

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