The Ultimate Checklist for Finding Good Cleaning Company in Oxford

Choose The Right Cleaning Company Checklist

There are close to a hundred cleaning companies in Oxford and the surrounding counties, and it is normal to get frustrated when having to pick one. Sometimes having access to a lot of information is not a good thing. You can lose track of what is important and wander into the realm of mediocrity. That is why we have created a simple guide on how to choose the right cleaners for your needs.

trustworthy qualities for an Oxford cleaning company Domestic or Commercial Cleaning Company

Typically, the provided services and the cleaning methods depend on the type of property you own. Most people search for help for their homes, but there are those business owners who recognise the benefits of professional washing and scrubbing. Just for them, we will list the unique qualities an Oxford commercial cleaning agency must possess:

  • Extensive experience – Refreshing a hotel lobby has nothing in common with the simple hoovering of your living room. Expert commercial cleaners must have the knowledge and the experience of working for customers from various businesses.
  • Properly equipped – In order to scrape the floors of an industrial building you need to have the proper gear for that. The best commercial cleaners have specialised machines and detergents they use. A simple mop won’t do the job.
  • Business knowledge – A good way to find out if the chosen company is adequately prepared to take care of your facilities is by asking their technicians specific questions. The greatest cleaners will have the knowledge needed to assess the situation at your property and truthfully tell you if there is a problem. The mediocre ones will just assure you everything is peachy, and they have no concerns whatsoever.

The Easy-to-Spot Qualities of Your Oxford Cleaning Company

The following list refers both to private and commercial cleaners. These traits are simple to be spotted at first glance at the companies’ web pages and external reviews.

  • Trustworthy cleaners – All of the personnel must undergo a vetting check. You need to be certain the people, you allow on your property are trustworthy.
  • Cleaning equipment – The best work with equally great suppliers. Be sure to check what type of technology and detergents the cleaning company uses.
  • Good customer service – Carefully read the reviews the Oxford cleaners have. This way you will understand more about their work ethic and how they deal with their customers.
  • Honesty – Yes, this is an important quality, when it comes to property maintenance. The technicians you select must be capable of openly discussing problems such as unwashable stains for example.
  • Reaction time – If the company you pick doesn’t work on weekends, or constantly changes your appointment, it is not the one for you.
  • Good reputation – It is a subjective quality as you can never be certain. In general, if a lot of people are happy with the provided cleaning services, the company is ok.
  • Discretion – What happens in your property, stays there. The best house cleaners understand this simple principle and do what they can to protect the privacy of their customers.
  • Insurance – This is the sign of a true professional. The greatest known accidents happen and are adequately prepared to compensate their customers.

Checklist to Determine the Right Oxford Cleaning Company

At the end of the day no matter what property you own, you are searching for the best possible service within your price range. The costs of hiring professionals to do the tidying up can vary depending on the quality of the provided cleaning services. So to ensure you make the right choice, here is the promised checklist.

Download PDF here: Choose The Right Cleaning Company

Choose the right cleaning company in Oxford

Good luck!

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