A Professional Carpet Cleaner’s Tips For Pet Owners in Oxford

cat in Oxford house

Having pets remains one of the best things in the world. They bring joy and lots of happy memories into your life. But they can make cleaning a never-ending chore.

Our Oxford carpet cleaners often serve pet owners and most of them face the same repeating challenges. What are they and how can you tackle them today? Keep reading to find out!

Cleaning Up Pet Vomit at Your Oxford Home

You usually end up discovering it in the corner of your room only when it is too late and it has dried out. However, if you happen to see your cat choking on a ball, prepare to think of a solution on your feet. The recommended thing to do is to reach for the baking soda and some cleaning detergent.
Sometimes, pet vomit contains food particles that colour and stain the carpet further. That’s why it’s important not to clean it in a hurry and mush it into the fabric while it is still moist. But if the vomit has sat for a long time unattended, it can get to the fibres and the padding underneath. So you really should attend to the stain at the perfect time because failing to do so will result in a permanent stain which even professional carpet cleaners will not be able to remove.

Removing the Smell From Pet Urine

dog in Oxford houseSometimes, our furry fellows happen to have an accident on the carpet or a piece of furniture. It might be them missing the litter box, or they are spraying to mark their territory. Whatever the case, it ends up infiltrating your carpet with an unpleasant odour. With pet urine, you need to act quickly so the bad smell doesn’t settle. Cleaning the urine in time will also prevent pets from coming back to the same spot repeatedly.
The important thing to remember here is that when dealing with a dog or cat urine smell, the steam cleaning method is not recommended because it won’t do much. Instead, the Oxford cleaners recommend you opt for the Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning method because it is the only way to remove the stink.

Cleaning Pet Hairs From Your Oxford Property

Now, you may think it’s an easy peasy job – just pull out the hoover and clean up the fur, right? Well, in theory, that works. While you ought to be doing it on a regular basis, you’ll find out that it’s not always so simple. The trick is to buy a pet-friendly rug that will camouflage the fur and most stains, which is quite practical when you have pets. But if you don’t have that, here’s a way to remove the pet hair settled in your fabrics. The following method works not only for carpet but upholstery cleaning, as well:

  1. Let’s go back to the vacuum cleaner. Use it for the rough cleaning, to take as much hair as possible. Beware, it might quickly clog if the load is too thick and large so make sure to check your vacuum bag every now and then.
  2. Apply some anti-static spray on the fabrics. It will help you rid of the annoying hairs fairly easily.
  3. You can then use a lint roller to pick up any remaining pet hairs. An old paint roller covered in tape will also do the trick.

Cleaning the Persistent House Stains

pets in an Oxford houseWe don’t mean to scare you but faeces, blood, food spills, and muddy paws can all permanently damage your carpet. Hiring an expert is not an option? The next best thing is to attack the nearest store in Oxford that sells cleaning products with strong formulation but be wary because this can too destroy your carpeting. You need to choose a suitable cleaner for the type of fabric your carpet is made of.
After you find a spot, a natural reaction is to search online for quick remedies. However, you’ll find many ill-advised tips for home-made solutions. Make sure to approach them with a healthy dose of scepticism because trusting them blindly may lead to carpet discolouration at best. If you doubt you’ll be able to clean those deep stains, better leave them in the capable hands of carpet cleaning experts.

Always Choose Pet-Friendly House Cleaning Products

If you are buying the detergents yourself, always check if they are harmful to pets. Some of the cleaning agents on the market can cause breathing problems and inflammation for people and animals alike, so ensure you’re not investing in dangerous products. If you decide to go for expert carpet cleaning, ensure that the cleaners work with safe detergents that won’t harm your furry friend.

Carpets are usually an expensive investment, so you want to keep them fresh and damage-free for longer. Owning a pet doesn’t have to mean your rug is doomed and its days are counted. If you want to ensure your Oxford carpet will be cleansed gently, yet thoroughly, our affordable cleaning services are here when you need them.

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