5 Cleaning Hacks to Steal From the House Cleaners in Oxford

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Cleaning is one of those tasks people usually don’t put a priority on. That’s of course because of the busy lives we lead with jobs, kids, friends and hobbies to attend to. It’s only natural but as a result, cleaning chores often find themselves hastily completed on a Saturday morning. Of course, the results aren’t what you ideally would like, but who cares, at least you don’t have to clean for a whole week, right?


You could have it all, you know. Our house cleaners in Oxford battle with grime and grease on a daily basis and they have some tricks of the trade to share with you.

Here are a few hacks you can steal to achieve a more effective cleaning routine:

This Odd Way of Cleaning the Bathroom That Works Like a Charm

We know exactly how annoying and tiring it is to scrub the bathroom. That is probably why you do it only once a month if “time allows”. However, there are a few tricks to make the process faster and more effective.
And you should start by… Taking a shower! And that’s not even the weird part.
You see, the hot steam that spreads in your bathroom while you’re showering passively works for your benefit. Once the bathroom filth gets soaked, it’ll be times easier to clean it, even without scrubbing.
The weird trick that our professional home cleaners recommend is to use a regular broom with plastic bristles and a long handle to clean the bathtub and tiles. This is a great way to thoroughly clean your bathroom without tiring yourself up. It will also help you to polish the surfaces faster. Also, use regular dish soap for that portion of the cleaning process because it’s great at handling all that grime that bathtubs tend to collect.

Seamlessly Disinfect Your Home

cleaning your house in OxfordIt’s the flu season. People get sick even from the thought of getting sick. To prevent viruses from spreading all over your home, use disinfectant wipes to polish off frequently touched objects around the house. Make sure to wipe off daily (or twice a day, if someone is sick):

  • door handles;
  • remote controllers;
  • laptops;
  • phones;
  • children’s toys;

This way, your family will be one step away from nasty diseases.

The Alternative Way of Cleaning Dust

Turns out, even cleaning dust has its tricks. You can, of course, do it the regular way with a duster and not bother to change your cleaning habits – you’ll still get the result. But wouldn’t it be great if you had to do it less and still enjoy a polished home? We think so too.
When we have to clean dust as part of a house cleaning job, we discard the old duster method and use damp sponge cloths instead. Synthetic and feather dusters alike do not pick up the dust particles and instead spread them in the air around. As a result, you need to polish the surfaces again in a few days. This can all be avoided by using a sponge cloth which will effectively gather all dust.

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The Trick to Wash a Lot of Dishes

Holidays can be stressful for more than one reason. For example, you can find yourself in a situation where your washing machine is full, and you still need to tackle a huge number of dishes by hand. Our cleaners recommend that you stack the dirty dishes like you would play Tetris – start with larger plates, continue with bowls and mugs and put cutlery inside. This optimises your dish-washing process by allowing you to soak more dishes at once. After just 15 minutes, you’ll be able to wash the entire batch at once.

The One House Cleaning Practice You Should Adopt Today

We saved the best for last. Cheating the system always feels nice and there are many ways to help you make the cleaning of your house a breezy task. However, if you could leave with only one piece of advice from this article, it should be this – always clean your home from top to bottom. This unwritten rule of every house cleaner ensures that the areas that you’ve just polished will remain clean for longer.

And there we have it. These are the five cleaning hacks that professionals like to use to ease their jobs and make the cleaning process more effective. And remember, if you find yourself in a messy home and with no time to spare for tedious chores, you can always count on expert house cleaners to save the day. All you need to do is get in touch.

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