Vacation Tips: How to Have a Clean Oxford Home Before and After Your Holiday

winter holidays

It’s finally December and the Holidays season is coming. It is time for a well-deserved rest and if you are planning to travel and visit new and beautiful places it sounds even better. Use these days to recharge your batteries and get ready for the new year. Something we really don’t want to think about while away for the Holidays is in what state we will find our homes after we come back. Nobody has ever said, “I feel so relaxed, that I want to vacuum and mop the floors!”. If you want to return to a tidy house our Oxford cleaning professionals have a couple of tips prepared just for you.

Prepare In Advance

The preparation starts at least a week before the actual day you are leaving. You need to do a lot of things but try to squeeze the following task in your busy schedule:

  • Purchase all the cleaning products you will need to clean your home after the vacation is over.
  • During the last clean-up make sure to thoroughly vacuum the floors and dust even the tops of your wardrobes. Think of it as an investment in the future.
  • After you are done with the hover, change its bag or container.

Fast Cleaning Tips for the Day Prior to Your Vacation

clean dishesThere are a couple of things you can do in your Oxford home to make the house cleaning process easier. We are aware that almost nobody cleans the day before they go on vacation, but a few small changes will really make a difference:

  • Change the sheets with new ones. You can be sure, your future self will be forever grateful for your consideration. There is nothing more pleasant than lying in bed with fresh clean bedding.
  • No dirty dishes are left behind. Collect everything and either put in in the dishwasher or clean them by hand. If you leave plates covered in food leftovers to sit for days, the result will be horrifying. The smell would be your least problem. Be smart, wash everything.
  • Do your laundry. Don’t leave your dirty clothes in the basket, wash them. This way when you get back, you will need to worry only for your vacation outfits.

Cleaning Chores You Need to Do the Day of Your Departure

You can almost feel it, only a couple of hours and you will be travelling towards your dream location. However, here in Oxford, you still need to do a couple of cleaning tasks:

  • Throw out the trash. It is very important to remove it from your home to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Not to mention the foul smell that will welcome you home if you forget it.
  • Make sure all of your dishes are out of the dishwasher and leave it open while you are away.
  • The same goes for your laundry machine.
  • Open the window for a couple of minutes and let the fresh air circulate in your home.
  • Switch off all electric appliances that are not so important like coffee makers, microwaves, TVs, and computers.

Cleaning Tasks After You Return to Your Oxford House

relax after winter vacationAlas, the vacation is over, and you have just entered your home. You may be tired, but you still need to do a couple of things:

  • Water your plants – Even if a friend had taken care of them while you were away, they still deserve your attention.
  • Open a window and let the air in. This will immediately refresh the rooms, and it will get rid of any leftover smells.
  • Unpack and place your clothes in the laundry basket.

Now all you have to do is take a shower and order some takeout. You were on vacation, and you are still not ready for the real world. If you don’t feel like hovering or dusting you can always rely on one of your local Oxford cleaning companies to come and save the day.

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