The Ultimate Lazy Guide: How to Make Your Home Look Clean


In a perfect world, in a nice house somewhere in Oxford, you will get up every Sunday and thoroughly wash and scrape your home all the while singing a happy song. The reality, however, is different. Most people are so tired after the 50-hour workweek that in their free time they just want to rest and enjoy a glass of wine. Alas, the house must be cleaned from time to time, unless you want to pop up in one of Discovery Channel’s hoarding shows.

So our cleaning company have designed the perfect house cleaning guide for all of those people who want to have a tidy home but they are not too diligent about it. As long as everything looks good, you don’t have to look under the bed or sofa.

If You Don’t See It, It’s Not Dirty

That is the best you will ever receive. Yes, of course now and then your home would need a good one-off cleaning but even then you can just call your local cleaning company to take care of it all. So everything that is left for your weekly chores is to tidy up all the visible places around your house. Nobody is going to inspect the corners of every room or check for dust on your top shelves.

Cob Webs Must Go

Let’s go back to the house in Oxford we previously mentioned. Its diligent owner is probably washing their walls and ceilings every month, just like the professional cleaners do. All you have to do to get the same effect is to weekly remove each cobweb. This way the room walls will look brighter and you will generally have less dust lurking in your home. Two birds with one stone!

Get Rid of All Nasty Smells

Having bad odours in your home is one of the most annoying things. It usually means it is time for a big deep cleansing of all carpeting and upholstery. We have a better idea. Buy a couple of boxes of baking soda. Spread their contents onto your rugs, mattresses and furniture and go for a nice day out. After four or five hours return home and hover everything. The soda will absorb the nasty smells and will refresh the rooms.

The Secret Bedding Technic

It is actually a pretty simple method, but it gives great results in transforming your living room and bedroom. Step one – always make your bed. Even if everything is a mess, once somebody glances in your room and notices a tidy bed, they will overlook other small things like the pile of clothes on the floor. Step two – fluff your decorative pillows regularly. You can even use them to cover sofa stains. The nicer the pillows, the more inviting the living room looks.

trash bin in a house in OxfordThrow the Bin and Wash It

One of the things that emit the nastiest smells in the home is usually the waste bin in the kitchen. Make sure to regularly empty it and after that use toilet cleaner to wash it. This way you will both disinfect it and remove all residual odours. Plus if you have unexpected guests they will be impressed by how tidy and organised you are.

Clean Your Toilets

You don’t need an expert house cleaner to tell you how important is to wash your toilet bowl on a weekly basis. This doesn’t mean you have to waste half an hour scrubbing and scrapping. Buy a strong toilet bowl cleaner and pour it carefully onto the inner edges of the bowl. Leave it for about twenty minutes. When you get back, flush the water and use the toilet brush to remove the access detergent. There you are done!

Wipe Your TV

tv in a an Oxford houseYou don’t need to dust every surface in your home, just take special care of the ones that are most visible. This includes TV and PC screens. There is nothing more sloppy than having fingerprints and smudges on your electronic devices. Just get a microfibre cloth and a Screen cleaning detergent and polish everything. We guarantee nobody will notice if you have dust on your bookshelves but a dirty TV is absolutely unforgivable.

If however, you don’t feel like doing any of the things listed above, you can always rely on the expert cleaning services provided in your town (even the guy from Oxford uses professional help from time to time).

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