How to Clean Your Curtains like a Professional

curtains in a Oxford house

When you live in a metropolitan such as Oxford you have to constantly battle the dusty and polluted air. The small particles freely flow in your house and stuck to everything and your curtains are no exception. Usually perceived as a static part of the home decor, most people forget to regularly clean their drapes. This is a big mistake as they act as magnets to dust and hairs. In order to help you keep your Oxford home in immaculate shape, our pro cleaners have a couple of advice specifically directed towards your curtain hygiene.

Curtain Cleaning According to the Type of the Fabric

Different types of curtains are made by different types of fabric and each one has its own cleaning requirements. In order to tidy your drapes fast and efficiently, you need to know the right way to do so according to their specifications. The easiest way to do that is by checking the manufacturer’s guidelines or conduct fast research online. Knowing the type of your curtains is the first step towards a clean house.

lace curtains in an Oxford home

How to Clean Lace or Sheer Curtains

This type of drapes is made from very delicate fabric and you cannot wash them in the washing machine. You must hand wash them in order to prevent wrinkling or tearing up. You can use soap and warm water after you are done place the wet curtains in a container where you have mixed cold water and a cup of Epsom salt. Soak them for about 15 minutes and then gently squeeze the excess water. Leave them to dry, after the salty bath.

Standard Fabric Curtains Are the Dream

The only thing you really have to do is to know what is the exact type of fabric and what washing program you would use. Take them down, place them in the washing machine and after it is ready you can put them back up again even while the curtains are still damp. They will dry out while hanging on the window. Just remember to not use the spin program of your washer, because then the curtains will become wrinkly and you may have to iron them.

What to Do with Heavy Fabric Curtains?

Those types of curtains are usually not men to be cleaned in the washing machine, so you have two options.

  • Dry cleaning – you can take them down and send them to your local dry cleaner. Unfortunately, they will be cleaning them with a combination of different chemicals, and you never know if they won’t trigger an allergic reaction to one of your guests.
  • Steam cleaning – this is an eco-friendly way of cleaning only with water and heat. It is great for disinfection, and you don’t have to pull down your curtains to do it. You can either buy a steam cleaner yourself or call some of the professional cleaners in Oxford.

Decorative Curtains also Need a Thorough Cleaning

Popular decorations in many Oxford homes are the beautiful shell curtains. They certainly give the home a particular charm and almost Carinien vibe. However, they tend to get tangled fairly easy and are a constant magnet for dust. Two cleaning options lay in front of you:

  • You can make a mixture of dishwashing soap and water, and use a cotton cloth to start wiping every shell separately.
  • You can fill a spray bottle with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water, lay a couple of towels and sheets under the curtains and spray them. Wipe each spring with a cotton cloth, and only scrub the shells if there are some persistent leftover spots.
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