The Essence of Spring Cleaning & How to Achieve a Zen Home

Spring Cleaning tools

cleaning a zen homeThe history behind the term “spring cleaning” is not clear. Some believe the tradition originates from the Persian New Year (usually occurs on March 21st – the first day of spring) when people have thoroughly cleaned their homes. In almost any major religion, there are references to the process of complete home cleaning.
But with time and the many new cleaning tasks introduced, people have forgotten what the tradition entails – to start anew. The clean house ought to transform into a clean mind and then into a clean life. It’s not just frantic tile scrubbing and obsessive-compulsive dusting.
So, today we’ll take you back to basics and hopefully remind you of the first principles of spring cleaning.

Start with Decluttering Your Home

According to professional spring cleaning companies in Oxford, this is the chore that most households have difficulties with. But the tradition commands to purge your belongings prior to any cleaning. Why is this step so essential? We’ll explain.
Consumerism is at its peak and it’s the reason why we pile things up even though we don’t necessarily need them. Some people instinctively sense that and it becomes the reason why they turn to minimalism. For them, the cleaning becomes times easier and even enjoyable. For others, it’s not that easy and they still need to declutter, in order to prepare their home for the spring cleaning service. Not only will this help achieve better results, but it will also take the stress out of the process.

Spring Cleaning Your Home Properly

Only now when you’ve purged your things, it’s time to start cleaning. The first warm days of the year are the best time to hire someone for spring cleaning service in Oxford or to roll up your own sleeves.
Benefit from the good weather and properly air out all rooms during and after the process. Make sure to evenly distribute your cleaning tasks throughout several days. Spring cleaning is supposed to be a relieving process and not a stress-inducing one, so use a checklist.
But if you’re pressured by time, you can check our tips for speed cleansing. The fact that you don’t have lots of time to pace yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve a clean home. It’s just you need the proper process to aid you.
When cleaning, and we’ve said this many times, don’t forget to do it top to bottom – dust the highest shelves and other furnishings first and slowly work your way down until you reach the floors.

Refresh Your Home After the Spring Cleaning

Again, because we’ve already cleaned and scrubbed so much, we rarely think about creating a nice atmosphere. Instead, we skip the step because it is not an actual part of the cleaning process. But the truth is this – if you make the effort to transform your home to feel and smell good, you’ll double your satisfaction from the spring cleaning.
If you want your home to make you happier, here are the easiest things you can do:

  • Place new air fresheners in your bathroom and other spaces you use less frequently, like the garage or the attic. This will make each entry to these rooms a pleasant little surprise.
  • Scented candles can be miraculous! If you have a favourite brand or scent, regularly lighting aroma candles can make you feel a lot more comfortable. In addition, you can research aromatherapy as a way to improve your physical and emotional well-being.plants in an Oxford home
  • Plants – a simple yet efficient way to refresh your living room or even the bathroom. Not only do they produce oxygen, but they also bring life and colour into every home.
  • Add some colours or start a DIY project. You can freshen up your place by adding or replacing old decorations with new ones. Doing so will give you the opportunity to introduce new and exciting colours in the rooms you have so gotten used to. You can even upcycle some of the things you would normally declutter.

There is a reason why everyone is talking about spring cleaning – it has been part of our yearly routine since old times. And for good reason. Now that you’ve remembered what it entails, you’ll reap the full rewards of your efforts.

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