The Bad Cleaning Habits That Need to Leave Your Home

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Nobody likes to clean their home, and that is a well-known fact. Alas, it can be avoided but it can be done more efficiently. In order to do that we need to leave some bad old habits in the past. That is precisely why we asked one of the most reputable cleaning companies in Oxford for advice on how to transform our cleansing routine and make it better. Here are the tips they gave us.

dirty dishes in an Oxford house1. Leaving the Dishes Overnight

Let’s be honest sometimes we leave them for days and excuse ourselves with lack of time or energy. Well, that is one bad habit that needs to go. If you wash your dishes after every meal, you won’t have to worry about them later. Plus your kitchen will smell way better.

2. Cleaning with Dirty Tools

People often forget to wash their cleaning tools. All microfibre cloths need to be regularly laundered. Buckets, brooms, mops and even the trusted squeegee need a good scrubbing after each time you use it. Our cleaning experts say that this simple action will help avoid the spread of bacteria in your Oxford home. Also, have you tried to wipe a mirror with a dirty cloth? The results will be smudges everywhere and a lot of lost time.

3. Incorrect Cleaning Products: Labels Matter

Almost nobody reads the labels on the bottles and boxes of cleaning products. Expert cleaners reveal that this is one of the reasons why so many cleaning attempts end up with either a permanently damaged surface or a fast trip to the ER. If you are unsure what kind of product you need or don’t know how to properly use it, always ask for help.

clean towels in an Oxford house4. Say Goodbye to Wet Towels

Another bad habit we have is piling up wet towels. They can be found everywhere – on the floor, on the furniture and never properly hanging to dry. However wet fabric presents the perfect opportunity for mould and mildew to develop and invade your Oxford home. The moral here is to always hang your towels and clothes after you have used them.

5. Clean in the Wrong Order

There is such a thing as a wrong way of cleaning. Incredible but most people do not know that and have developed very bad cleansing habits. For instance, when you dust, you must start from top to bottom. This way you will avoid wiping the same spot twice. Always remove the dust before you start hoovering the room.

6. Wrong Cleaning Tools

This is another common problem – just because you are used to wiping your windows with newspapers, it doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. Utilising the correct cleaning tools is essential when you want to have a tidy Oxford home. So avoid using any inked paper for cleaning. Otherwise, there is a pretty good chance, you will end up transferring some of the colours on the item you are attempting to wipe.

vacuum attachment in an Oxford home7. You Don’t Use Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Attachments

According to the Oxford cleaning professionals, most people have no clue how to properly hover their carpets and how to use the attachments. In the long run, this could result in the accumulation of dirt and discolouration or damage to your rugs. Invest a little time in researching how to use all the tools you have.

8. Procrastinating Is a Sin, Sort of

Old people often say the early bird gets the worm. Well, it is the same with cleaning. The faster you remove the rubbish and dirt from your home, the more free time you will have for important things. So stop procrastinating and start vacuuming.

9. The Overflowing House

Piling up clothes, overstashing the fridge, and buying large amounts of pillows and other unnecessary items will make cleaning your Oxford house even harder. Star decluttering once a month. Donate to your local charities, crisis centres and pet shelters. You can even organise a neat yard sale and make some money.

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