4 Smart Ways to Clean Your Carpets for the Holidays

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carpet in a Oxford homeOctober is almost over and it’s time to start preparing for the Holiday season. One of the most important chores you need to take care of before your guests arrive is to properly clean your carpet. There are a lot of ways to do that without the need to spend a lot of money. Here are some cleaning tricks straight from our expert Oxford carpet cleaners.

1. Try Carpet Shampoo

This is a very budget-friendly cleaning technic as all you need to do is actually purchase the detergent. There are a couple of types of carpet shampoo, depending on the fibres of your rugs and whether or now you can properly dry them off after the wash. We generally recommend dry shampoos as they are easier to work with.

  • Vacuum your carpets and remove all of the dust and dirt from the top layer.
  • Spray the shampoo on top. Your carpeting needs to be completely covered in foam.
  • Leave, it to dry for at least a couple of hours until it can be freely shaken off.
  • Vacuum the carpet once again to remove the dirty foam.

2. Use Dry Powder to Clean the Carpets in Your Oxford Home

a rug in an Oxford homeWhen people hear dry cleaning they usually think about professional equipment and cleaning companies. However, you can actually dry clean your carpets without all of this. The dry powder consists of absorptive material, minimal amounts of water, and a solvent, so it is fairly easy to use. This method doesn’t require you to wait for a long period of time which makes it ideal for the Holiday season.

  • Thoroughly vacuum your carpets and make sure to remove all of your furniture and expose them completely.
  • Sprinkle a layer of dry powder and leave it to do its magic for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Vacuum afterwards to remove any trace of dirt.

3. Steam Cleaning to the Rescue

Known amongst the professionals as the hot-water extraction method this technique can be performed both by you and by expert cleaners. It all comes down to the gear and whether or not you are prepared to rent or purchase the needed equipment. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to clean your carpets. Basically, all you need is water and a drop or two of detergent ( if you wish to add some). During this process, your carpets are treated with extremely hot water that kills all germs and removes the deeply embedded dirt particles from the fibres. Afterwards, depending on the type of machine, you work with almost 95% of the water can be extorted without a problem. Keep in mind that your carpets will be a little damp and you still need to leave them to dry off.

4. Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Sometimes it’s better to invest a couple of bucks in a professional cleaning company. Let’s be real you won’t be able to wash the rugs at your Oxford home as well as some of the experts and why should you? After all, during the Holidays, you have more important things to think about, and your carpets are not always your first priority.

Carpet Cleaning Advice

Although washing your rugs can seem easy there are still a couple of rules you need to follow if you want to protect your items from damage:

  • Do a patch test when using new products. Pick a less visible spot on your carpet a put a little of the new detergent on it. Leave it for a while. If all is good, you can use the detergent on the whole carpet.
  • Always vacuum your rugs before washing them to remove the top layer of dirt.
  • Read the labels and manufacturer’s instructions, so you will know what to use and what not when it comes to cleaning and washing your carpets.
  • Avoid bleach and strong solvents as they can burn the fibres of your carpets.
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