Pre-Tenancy Cleaning: All You Need to Know

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It’s September and this means school is starting in the UK. This is the time to rent flats, find roommates and check dorms. It is also the time for a pre-tenancy cleaning. You have never heard this term? Well, keep reading because this is one you would want to learn.

What is a Pre-Tenancy Cleaning?

This is the equivalent of the end of tenancy cleaning with a few minor differences. This service is designed primarily for people who wish to prepare their property for the arrival of potential tenants. The quality of the provided cleaning services can actually make or break a deal, as tenants expect the property they are renting to be properly maintained and tidied up. Don’t confuse it with the regular house cleaning done in most homes. This one is focused on the deep-cleansing of the property, and erasing all dirt and possible damages caused by the former tenants. In some cases, the well-performed pre-tenancy cleaning can significantly boost the price of the place.

Who Can Benefit from This Cleaning Service?

By now it should be clear that this service is oriented more towards landlords and renting agencies. As they carry the responsibility of keeping the property in a good shape. However, there are a lot of cases when tenants want to ensure that the property they are renting is spotless. For example, if a person has health issues or a couple is expecting a baby they all want to move in a perfectly clean home.

What Services Are Included In the Pre-Tenancy Cleaning?

According to the professional expertise of our Reading cleaners these services are best performed by a specialised company. The reason is simple, if you want exceptional results you must work with the proper equipment and cleaning products. The regular multipurpose cleaner won’t do the job. But what exactly is included in the pre-tenancy cleaning, you may ask? Well, there are two possible scenarios:

  • pre-tenancy cleaning in a Reading homeWhen you need to refresh your property after a thorough end of tenancy cleaning has already taken place.

Some landlords require that their properties are cleaned before the tenants end their lease. However, the longer a place stays unoccupied the more dust and dirt accumulates. In these cases, the pre-tenancy tidying up is the perfect way to refresh and prepare the estate for its future inhabitants. The services included are usually basic things like vacuuming, mopping, etc. Our Reading experts say that in these situations the hard work is done during the professional end of tenancy cleaning.

  • When the place is in need of a deep-cleaning.

Usually, we are talking about properties that haven being taken care of in a long time, thus a deep cleansing is desperately needed. You can expect to receive the full package of services – deep washing of kitchen appliances, dusting, washing the windows, thought upholstery and carpet cleaning. It all depends on the services your cleaning company can provide you with.

Tips on How to Speed Up the Proces

If you are in a hurry, there are a couple of things you can do to get your property in good shape:

  • Hire a reputable cleaning company. This is pretty basic advice but it’s crucial to let the only professionalist in your property.
  • Make sure you have running water and electricity. Without them it will be close to impossible to tidy up the place.
  • Plan the cleaning session in advance. Book and organise everything and leave nothing for the last minute.
  • Coordinate the cleaning with your real-estate agency. Avoid mixing up the different services, instead plan them in a way that they don’t overlap with each other.
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