Oven Cleaning: How to Wash Oven in 6 Easy Steps

oven in home

The thing that most homeowners skip when regularly cleaning their home is usually the oven. You wash your bathroom more often than your kitchen appliances. To be fair it is understandable. Nobody wants to scrub grime and food leftovers for hours.

Thankfully our Guildford professional cleaners have a solution for you. Here you will find the easiest tips on how to deep-wash your oven without wasting precious time.

Step 1: Get Your Tools Together

The first step is to make sure you have everything you are going to need for the clean at home. They are pretty standard things but if you miss one, the process will become more time-consuming.

  • A pair of rubber gloves;
  • A bottle of oven cleaner;
  • A roll of kitchen paper;
    A couple of sponges;
  • An old toothbrush or a small brush with more gentle bristles;
  • A couple of scourers;
  • A bottle of regular liquid soap.
  • Plastic bags;

If you decide to use all-natural ingredients and avoid common cleaning products, you can include:

  • A pack of baking soda;
  • Some white vinegar;

Step 2: Prepare Your Oven

stove in a Guildford homeBefore you start pouring liquids into the oven make sure it is switched off and preferably unplugged from the power. It needs to be completely cold, so do not use it the day you are about to deep-clean it. Inspect all of its parts and make sure you know how to remove the trays or any other detachable elements.

Step 3: Give It a Fast Wipe

To prepare your oven for the actual deep-washing, you need to first “clean the area” sort of speak.
Clean the stove top with a sponge dipped in cold water and a little bit of oven cleaner.
Wipe the outside of the oven.
Remove any bits of food leftovers from the inside.

Step 4: Do Like the Professional Guildford Cleaners

All experts begin the deep-washing process by removing all of the trays first. Now comes the hard part. You can use 3 methods of cleaning:

  1. Soak the trays in hot soapy water. You can use either your bathtub or your kitchen sink for this task. Leave them for about half an hour and then give them a good scrub using the toothbrush and the scourer.
  2. Put each tray in a separate plastic bag. Heavily spray it with oven cleaner and seal the bag for 30 minutes. After that use the sponges and scourers to polish them. Rinse with water to remove any chemical residue.
  3. Place the trays in different plastic bags and spray white vinegar on them. Leave them for 20 to 30 minutes and then scrub the trays using a paste of water and baking soda. Use the kitchen paper to wipe everything.

You can use all 3 methods both for baking and regular trays. However, avoid using a scourer when cleaning the first. You risk damaging and scratching the surfaces. When cleaning baking trays professional Guildford companies use sponges or soft brushes.

Step 5: Time to Wash the Insides

clean the insides of your Guildford ovenHere again, you can use a couple of cleaning methods, depending on the products you want to use.

  1. Spray oven cleaner and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then with a sponge start scrubbing the insides of your oven. Use kitchen paper to wipe the dirt. Dampen the sponge with cold water and wash your oven until all traces of oven cleaner and food are gone.
  2. If you have chosen the natural way of deep-cleaning the oven in your Guildford home you need to spray some vinegar inside and sprinkle baking soda. If everything starts to fuzz or gets bubbly, don’t worry – it is supposed to be this way. Use a brush to scrub and clean the insides of the oven.

Step 6: Guildford Cleaners Know How to Wash Glass Door

So let’s show you how to do it on your own. You don’t have to always rely on cleaning services, you are perfectly capable of deep-washing your oven after all. It is quite simple just spray some oven cleaner on the glass and scrape it with a scourer. For better results use hot water. If you want to go all green instead of the detergent use white vinegar and baking soda.

Ta-da your oven is perfectly cleaned!

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