Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

one-off cleaning mistakes in home

Even though many people claim there are no right and wrong ways to clean your home, that is not strictly speaking true. After all, the immediate result isn’t everything.

There are many mistakes people make while clearing their places. Some of them are fairly common while others will surprise you. For example, did you know that professional cleaning companies recommend avoiding newspapers to clean your windows? Apparently, the newspaper isn’t that effective and can even sabotage you. Find out how as well as other frequent mistakes in the following lines.

Spray All Surfaces Directly With a Cleaner – ‘Bad Idea,’ Say Professional One-Off Cleaning Companies

It’s not a “one size fits all” technique. Some surfaces are more delicate and can be damaged if you spray with a cleaning solution directly on them. Additionally, spraying directly also means that more of the chemical is released into the air and can be inhaled. This can lead to discomfort for people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Instead, simply spray onto the cleaning cloth you use before wiping the surface.

one-off cleaning of marble worktops in a home in OxfordUsing Vinegar For Stone and Marble Worktops

Even though white vinegar is great for cleaning a lot of things, it is not recommended for everything. One thing to avoid cleaning is stone worktops. Since vinegar is basically mildly concentrated acid, it can easily harm the top layer of the surface, effectively ruining your expensive worktops. As a result, the surface will become more prone to scratches and other kinds of damage. Professionals use specific cleaners for stone surfaces when they perform one-off cleaning services in Oxford, so steal their tactic and purchase such for yourself as well.

Not Maintaining the Washing Machine Clean is Bad According to One-Off Cleaners

The washer has only one job – to clean your clothes and keep them in good condition. However, if the washing machine itself is dirty and disgusting, this will become a little difficult. Many people erroneously believe the machine is cleaning itself while working, but that is simply not true. All the stains, dirt, strings and whatnot can get stuck in the drum, the rubber parts, and the door. Eventually, this will make your clothes smell bad.

In order to prevent that, every now and then you should pour a quarter cup of baking soda mixed with water in the detergent compartment and pour two cups of vinegar into the drum. Then, close the door and start your empty washing machine on the hottest temperature available. After it’s done, finish up by wiping the drum, the detergent compartment and the door.

window cleaning in a house in OxfordCleaning Windows With a Newspaper

So, we’ve come to the most frequent of all cleaning mistakes. Because of the good results, many believe that perfectly good to wipe the windows with a newspaper. But because of the fact that there’s ink, sometimes it can leave traces on your windows that can be hard to remove later on. Sometimes, the paper might leave traces that are hard to spot but still spoil the end result. That is why professional cleaning companies advise using kraft paper, be it white or brown, depending on what you have in hand.

Using Dish Soap to Wash Your Cutting Boards – ‘Common But Improper,’ Say One-Off Cleaners

Most people know it’s bad to use the dishwasher for your cutting board. If it’s a plastic one, it might start to melt due to the high temperature. If the cutting board is made of wood, the hot water will damage it and will eventually create mouldy cracks. However, using soap is not a very effective cleaning method either. The reason behind this is the fact that there are microfood particles in the cuts and marks of your cutting board. Therefore, it is much better to use a bleach solution (no more than 1 spoon per two litres) to soak the boards for a short time and then simply rinse them off. This is especially recommended if you’re cutting meat because it has a greater amount of dangerous bacteria.

cleaning cloth in a house in OxfordUsing The Same Cloth For Different Areas

Our Oxford professional cleaners recommend having a designated cloth for each area in your home. Otherwise, you might end up spreading germs from the bathroom to your coffee table or the kitchen. Needless to say, you want to avoid that. It is best to use paper towels or microfibre cleaning clothes that can be washed after each usage.

Making these frequent mistakes while cleaning your home can result in making it dirtier than it already is. But with our tips, you will be prepared to properly tackle each task around your house.

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