Protect Your Reading Property During the Coronavirus Outbreak

  • All types of deep cleaning services
  • Fast and efficient local cleaners
  • Cutting edge sanitisation equipment
  • Prevent the spread of COVID-19 germs

Why Choose Energy Cleaning?

Capable and Competent Cleaners Near You

Working for years in Reading, we recognise what our customers desire and how to deliver to them the most high-quality services. While constantly improving our skills and staying up to date with the recent cleaning innovations, we prepare our teams for every situation. Rely on us to tidy and disinfect any property, no matter the state it is in.

Constant Quality Control

We don't accept any compromise when it comes to the quality of our work. Energy Cleaning maintains a high standard of the services provided especially during the coronavirus outbreak. You don't have to be at the property to receive our services. We can disinfect every corner of your estate without making our presents noticed.

Innovative Thinking and Ability to Clean “Out of the Box”

Every customer has distinct needs and requirements. We are here to listen to your ideas and make them a reality. With a modern mindset and the newest technologies, our cleaning company is adequately equipped to wash every fabric and polish every surface. Relying on specialised cleaning detergents and trustworthy suppliers, we consistently deliver optimal results.

Your Happiness is Our Priority

We constantly try to maintain a high level of understanding between our cleaning crew and our customers. Having their respect and trust is amongst the key qualities the excellent service provider must have. Being one of the cleaning companies with the highest return rates in the UK, we know what our customers need and how to deliver it to them.

What Makes Energy Cleaning Better than the Rest?

We always try to bring more and more efficient and adequate services to the people of Reading. Cleaning represents a form of art for us, and we make every property look like a unique masterpiece. Energy Cleaning can be easily distinguished from the competition just by looking at our working ethic:

We value our customers' privacy. We understand that when we enter your private property, we must and will treat it with utmost discretion and consideration. To ensure yours and your estate’s safety, all of our cleaners have passed a thorough vetting process. Protecting our customers' security and privacy is amongst our top priorities.

We recognise the importance of our customers’ free time. Energy Cleaning's services are designed to save our customers time and effort. That is why we have minimised the reaction and organisational time. We arrive fast and without delay. Work efficiently and on the clock. Our main objective is to consistently deliver excellent results and leave a smile on our customers’ faces.

We offer adaptable prices. Inspired by our customers, we have created flexible pricing that can be accurately adjusted to your every specific need. Our cleaning services allow combining them in various ways, resulting in the perfect custom checklist. Scrubbing, washing, scraping, everything you wish - you will receive.

We think about your Health. Cleaning products can contain dangerous chemicals, that can harm both for the human body and the environment. Taking into consideration the customer's health problems, our teams can offer the most convenient natural alternatives. With an eco-friendly attitude and the right cleaning detergents, we can handle every situation.

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How it Works

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Pleasantly surprised at how fast the Energy cleaners work, with no wondering around and unnecessary chit-chat. The house looks remarkably tidy!

Maude Porter

Hands down the best cleaners in Reading. They are always on time and always manage to squeeze me in on the weekends. Very grateful!

Bill Curtis

Polite and pleasant young people, work hard and know their stuff. I have grown accustomed to just leaving them in the house while I go do my business. Nothing but dust and dirt has ever gone missing! Very satisfied with their services!

Barry Cameron

Cities We Cover

We are happy to announce that now we serve a lot more locations! You can receive quality cleaning services in the following cities:

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