End of Tenancy Cleaning: Mistakes You Need to Avoid

end of tenancy cleaning in Guildford houseThere comes a time in almost everybody’s lives when we move from our childhood home and rent our first flat. Sometimes you can spend years moving from one place to another before settling down. The important thing is to always be smart and ensure the safe return of your deposit. It can depend on many factors but most commonly landlords uphold money if the place is damaged and uncleaned. That is why we ask some of Guildford’s most reliable cleaners help us to establish what cleaning mistakes you must avoid when doing your end of tenancy tidying up.

1.Forgetting about the Lightning Fixtures

Let’s be clear, not all landlords will take a ladder and start inspecting every inch of your ceiling. However, some people will do anything to avoid giving back your money. That is why spend 10 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth all of the lighting fixtures. Many of the older houses in Guildford have a high ceiling which helps the dust and dirt to easily accumulate.

2. Ignoring the Walls in Your Guildford Flat

Wall scratches and light damages often occur when you move the furniture around the home. These small bumps and dents must be removed and the walls need to be properly cleaned. Keep in mind that wall washing is not included in the end of tenancy cleaning services which most company offer. This is because extensive scrubbing can actually cause more damage than good. That is why you need to take matters into your own hands and make sure you can camouflage all problem spots.

porch that needs washing in Guildford3.Skipping on the Outdoor Cleaning

Sometimes we get so preoccupied with dusting, wiping and vacuuming that we forget the front porch or backyard also need a bit of cleaning. Do not leave the tidying of the outside areas for last – you will forget them. Remember if your front porch is filled with fallen leaves and debris, this durt can easily enter your home. Start by cleaning the outside and make your way inwards.

4. Washing Your Carpets and Upholstery at the Wrong Moment

A common misconception is you must deep-wash your carpets and upholstery at the beginning of the end of tenancy cleaning so they will have enough time to dry out. This can’t be further from the truth. If you start like that, your carpeting and upholstery will gather even more dust and dirt as they are now damp and attract microscopic particles. Not to mention the high risk of mould or mildew appearing. Leave the deep-washing for the end when all is properly cleaned.

5. Not Washing the Windows and All of Their Parts

Usually, tenants skip on window washing or if they do it, the frames and blinds are left out. You may have a perfectly clean flat, but if the sun can’t go true, you need to start worrying about your deposit. Thankfully, most Guildford end of tenancy cleaning companies offer external and internal window wiping, including frame and blind washing. If you don’t have the time, they certainly do.

House Cleaning Agent in Guildford6. Spray Cleaners Are the Best

They may seem easy to use, but the biggest mistake tenants can make is to use them for cleaning electrical devices like TVs, computers or sound systems. The miniature droplets of liquid can easily enter the machine and damage it, sometimes beyond repair. If you really want to use spray solvents, apply them on a microfibre cloth and gently wipe the dirty surface. Never spray directly on electronics.

7.Skipping on the Fabric Test

Yet another common mistake, people forget that not cleaning products all compatible with their carpeting or upholstery. Stronger solvents can cause discolouration or dissolve some of the more delicate fabrics. That’s why when you are using a product always perform a test swatch just in case. If you don’t have a piece of the fabric, you are about to clean, try it on a hidden spot. For example, the carpet patch that is under the sofa, or at the corner of the room.

8.Hovering the Wrong Way

Yes, this is a thing, there is a right and wrong way when it comes to vacuuming. If you want to have the perfect end of tenancy cleaning you need to learn to hover correctly. You must vacuum backward and forward, not only in one direction. This way you will ensure to remove all of the debris and dust, hidden amongst the fibres of your carpets.

kitchen cleaning in a Guildford home9. The Cooker Hood in Your Guildford Home Is Left Unwashed

It is easy to forget you can actually clean the filters of your cooker hood and wipe the grease and dirt from the outside. We often view it not as kitchen appliance but as a piece of the decor and skip cleaning it. Your landlord, however, won’t. So make sure to include it in your end of tenancy cleaning chores.