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Why Your West London Business Needs Energy Cleaning

All business owners know how important is the first impression whether we are talking about clients, investors or partners. We, at Energy Cleaning, have created the perfect service that will complement your West London based business and make it shine. Maybe your property has undergone some renovations, you want to get ready for the new season, or its just time for a change - we are here to help you achieve your goals.

After years of experience in dealing with all sorts of estates, Energy's cleaners have the necessary skill set to completely transform your property. Our teams work like a well-oiled machine, and everybody knows what their job is. Our cleaning company has high expectations and working standards. All personnel is vetted and undergone specialised training. We don’t leave anything to chance, everything is done with precision and diligence.

commercial cleaning services

What Energy Cleaning Can Offer the West London Community

Commercial cleaning

Your business can greatly benefit from our professional commercial cleaning services. With years of experience dealing with all sorts of properties from office buildings and hospitals to industrial facilities and schools, our cleaners know what you need and expect to receive.

  • First and foremost, our cleaners understand the concept of time and how valuable it is for every business owner. That is why we will provide you with a cleaning supervisor whose job will be to monitor the quality of the delivered services and ensure the smooth communication process. You no longer have to repeat yourself every time you want something done.
  • Cleaning a commercial property is not like tidying up a private home. Here we use specialised equipment to remove oil, grime and paint. The solvents used in commercial cleaning services are significantly stronger and capable of dissolving industrial stains and disinfect the premises. You can be certain we take our job very seriously.
  • One of the main goals of our cleaning company is to always be honest and straightforward with our customers. We have come to the realisations that false advertising is the wrong way to gain popularity. The West London business community knows that our cleaners are not only hardworking but trustworthy as well. If a stain can be removed, we will get it cleaned.
  • Depending on the type of business you run, you will be able to choose the most suitable cleaning services. We are extremely flexible and can offer you a lot - from jet washing the floors of your factory, to deep-cleansing your AGA stoves. As long as you know what you want the final result to be, our cleaners will figure out the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you need to do a survey of the location before you perform the cleaning services?

    A: It is necessary to have a viewing of the property before the cleaners arrive. Our chief technician will inspect the premises and check what needs to be done. This way, when the teams come, they will be adequately prepared in terms of equipment and solvents.

  • Q: What is the difference between one-off and commercial cleaning?

    A: The main differences are the range of cleaning actions included and the types of properties that could be subjected to them. All commercial services are designed strictly for business-related properties, where the customer has the freedom to customise their own cleaning package. The one-off can be related to both private and commercial estates and include almost always similar services.

  • Q: Are you capable of cleaning industrial buildings and factories?

    A: Yes, a big part of this service is cleaning these types of facilities. We use strong detergents and professional equipment in order to remove the industrial stainings and brighten up the place.

  • Q: Is Energy Cleaning properly insured?

    A: We want to be a reliable partner and take very seriously the comfort of our customers. That said, Energy Cleaning has Employers, Public and Product liability insurances. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Q: How many people should I expect to arrive at my property?

    A: It depends on what type of property you own, how big it is, and what is its condition. After the initial viewing is completed, our chief technician will be able to give you a little more information about the execution of the cleaning service.

  • Q: Do you have experience of cleaning professional equipment?

    A: A significant part of the commercial cleaning service falls onto the deep-washing of different machines and appliances. If you have a manufacturers’ washing kit or specialised instructions, you need to inform us prior to our arriving at the location.


Business is tuff in West London, and you must always try to make your customers happy. That is why we are very grateful to Energy Cleaning. The beauty salon looks amazing, everything is sparkling clean, and we have already received a lot of compliments from our regular clients. Thank you for the excellent job!

Vivian Phan

The hostel was in need of a serious cleaning for the new tourist season. Thankfully we found the diligent and hardworking cleaners from Energy. Our carpets have never looked so good. Awesome work!

Lenard Young

Energy Cleaning is the company to call if your business is going to have a corporate inspection. There is nothing more suiting than a spotless office and fresh looking staff. We are very grateful for the fast reaction and the great results!

Elijah Holton

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