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  • 100% Eco-friendly cleaning methods
  • Trained and experienced cleaners
  • Maximum protection with Scotchgard
  • Cleaning all types of food and pet stains

Prices from £26/bedroom

The Carpet Cleaning Every Property in West London Deserves

Caring for your carpeting has never been easier. Regardless of what type of property, you own - commercial or private, Energy Cleaning is here for you. Forget about the tedious hours of vacuuming and scrubbing, no more back pain, no more lost time. As one of the companies with the highest satisfaction rates in West London, Energy Cleaning is the one to call. With a smile and a smart solution for you, our cleaners are always ready to help.

We constantly try staying on top of the competition by regularly improving our equipment and adequately training our staff. All of the technicians at Energy Cleaning understand how important is to gain the trust and respect of our customers, and that is why they always try to be as honest as possible. We won’t deceive you or misguide you with falls advertising. If there is something wrong, we will be the first to inform you.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Prices in West London

Bedroom(12 x 12 feet)£26Living room£30
Dining room£30Through lounge£45
Hallway£12Flight of stairs£25
Landing£6By step£2
Utility room£18Bathroom£9
Toilet£6Rug small£10
Rug large£18Min. charges apply

How Do We Clean the Carpets and Rugs at Your Property in West London?

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It is not easy to be one of the most popular cleaning companies in West London. We manage to keep our good reputation thanks to our impeccable customer services, vast knowledge and experience teams.

  1. Initial Preparation of your property. Once our cleaners arrive at your property, they will first thoroughly vacuum all carpets and rugs. The goal is to remove all dirt, pet hairs and small particles before actually washing anything. This way, the questionable areas will be easier to spot.
  2. Thorough carpet inspection. When our technicians finish with the hovering, its time to take a good look at your carpeting and decide what products and methods should be used during the cleaning service. Our crew will spot the stains and determine how to treat them.
  3. Deep carpet cleaning. It's finally time for the deep wash. In 9 out of 10 cases, we would implement the Hot Water Extraction method. Also known as steam cleaning, this technic is eco-friendly and disinfects all surfaces completely.
  4. An extra step. If you wish our cleaners can treat your carpets and rugs with the stain repellent Scotchgard. This incredible product creates a layer between the carpet fibres and the outside world, thus protecting and repelling all dirt and dust. The results are amazing and longlasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can your technicians move my furniture?

    A: Our cleaning teams can handle light pieces of furniture like chairs, tables, desks, etc. They will move them, so the carpets can be properly tidied up. However, if you wish us to clean under heavier items like wardrobes or beds, you need to prepare your property before our crews arrive.

  • Q: What types of carpeting can your cleaners wash?

    A: Our cleaning company has the needed equipment to handle all types of carpet fabrics. It makes no difference to our crews if you own rugs from natural fibres like wool, or from artificial ones such as nylon. We have the knowledge and experience to clean them all.

  • Q: How long will I have to wait for my carpets to dry off completely?

    A: Depending on the cleaning technology we would use, your carpets will be left at around 95% dry off. From there on all depends on the material from which they are made off and on the weather conditions. Thicker materials take longer to dry off as some wool carpets can take up to 48 hours in the cold months. You can help speed up the drying process by ensuring there is constant fresh air flow in the room and regularly open your windows.

  • Q: Do I need to be there or bring the carpets to you?

    A: The answer to both questions is no. Our crews are trained to deliver all cleaning services on the spot, so you don’t need to do anything. Furthermore, you are not obligated to be at the property at all. Just leave us the key, and we will handle the rest.


Thank you for the rapid response and the job well done. My manager is extremely satisfied with how the hotel carpets turned out. We will definitely use Energy Cleaning again.

Vanessa Cox

I was surprised how knowledgeable and polite the technicians from Energy Cleaning were. They spent time explaining what will work and what won't and why. Very honest and pleasant young people.

Morris Patterson

My family just recently moved to West London, and Energy Cleaning was immediately recommended by our neighbours as a trustworthy and fast working company. They did not disappoint us.

Chin Huang

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