Energy Cleaning: the Right Choice for Your West London Property

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What Can Energy Cleaning Offer You

Flexible Prices for Every Need

Energy Cleaning is proud to provide all of its West London customers with some of the most diligent and fast services in the whole county. Not only that, but they are specifically designed to fit both commercial and private properties. With our flexible price rates, we can adapt to every customer and every situation.

Quality Control

When you book cleaning services for your property, you have some expectations quality wise. Our experienced cleaners know that and don't allow themselves to slack on the job. Depending on how big is your West London property, we will provide you with specially trained quality supervisors/coordinators on site. We leave nothing to chance.

Highly Experienced Cleaning Teams

Energy Cleaning is proud to be one of the most preferred companies in West London. A great role in that plays our skilled cleaners. With more than 40 years of combined experience doing this sort of jobs, we no doubt have the most qualified teams. On top of that, we invest every year in additional trainings and workshops.

Protecting Your Privacy and Comfort

Letting unfamiliar people enter your property can be a bit stressful. We at Energy Cleaning know that and try to make every experience pleasant and positive for our customers. All of our cleaners have undergone a careful background check, so there is nothing to worry about. Your property is in good hands.

Why Are We Better Than the Rest

Energy Cleaning is your trusted partner in the battle with dirt and dust. With years of cleaning experience and spot-on customer service, we are among the top companies in West London. Trust us, we know what is best for you and your property.

We understand what is important. Yours and your family’s safety is our priority, so you don't have to worry about our cleaning methods. We have partnered up with some of the biggest names in the industry to provide you with safe detergents. Our cleaning practices and the products we use to brighten up your property are completely child and pet-friendly.

We love green cleaning. Not only we think about our customers, but our cleaning company is also concerned with the state of the planet. We try to use as much eco-friendly cleaning products as the situation allows us. By cutting on the plastic waste that we accumulate and by relying on green detergents, we try to reduce the negative imprint we leave on the environment.

We value your time. One of the most important things our customers have is time. Our cleaners understand and value this fact that is why they avoid wasting it with unnecessary things. All crew members will do their job fast and efficient with no need for external supervision. You are free to live your life, while we take care of the tidiness of your property.

We give you freedom. At the end of the day, you know best what you want. Our job is to follow your wishes as thoroughly as we can. That is why our company offers you the chance to create your own custom cleaning program. Pick or exclude whichever cleaning services you want. Our technicians will work with you to develop the perfect cleaning plan.

Energy Cleaning Happy Customer

How It Works

In need of a cleaner?

You contact us

We create a cleaning checklist

We do our job

You give us a thumbs up

You pay


Energy Cleaning is the first and only company I have ever used in West London since I moved here. There has never been a need to search for somebody else. The cleaning services are fast, efficient, and more importantly, I can trust them to tidy my place even if I'm not at home. Thank you so much for been there for my family and me!

Audrey Badger

Energy is a very diverse cleaning company, with so many different services and skilled technicians, it has become the preferred partner for our business. They certainly don’t compromise when it comes to quality!

David Wong

We have used the cleaning services of Energy in a couple of occasions, and each time we weren't disappointed. The place looked amazing, and more importantly, all of the detergents they use are completely safe for our dogs. Very considerate and experienced cleaners!

Brandon Milton

Cities We Cover

We are happy to announce that now we serve a lot more locations! You can receive quality cleaning services in the following cities:

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