The Complete End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide for Oxford Tenants

Renting a property in Oxford is one of the best experiences one can have. But being a tenant comes with a set of drawbacks, end of tenancy cleaning being one of the biggest. The bad thing is, you can’t escape this last task because the landlord may withhold your deposit money.
So, in the spirit of always helping you and give you invaluable tips, we decided to compile a tenancy cleaning guide.

planning end of tenancy cleaning in an Oxford home

Should You Do the Tenancy Cleaning?

That’s the first question you need to tackle. Luckily, you have a choice: you can either clean yourself or can get a professional end of tenancy cleaning service in Oxford. Your decision will depend on:

  • Your budget;
  • How much time do you have, until you must vacate the premises?
  • Аre you willing to get your hands dirty?

As professional tenancy cleaners, we would definitely recommend you get the real deal instead of attempting to do it yourself. But we also know that DIY tenancy cleaning is the most cost-efficient option. If you manage to get your deposit, that is. Worry not, as we’re here to help you with that. Here’s what you need to clean at the end of your tenancy:

1. Cleaning the Bedroom of Your Oxford Rental

We’ll start you easy. For the bedroom, your goal should be to ensure that dust is cleaned from every item in the room. This will get you the most impact for your effort. So start wiping off surfaces from top to bottom and while at it, don’t forget to remove any cobwebs. Make sure to wipe the tops of wardrobes, shelves, photo frames, curtain rails, light fixtures, and sockets. Oh, and don’t forget to clean the doorknobs and handles as well! Your attention to detail is important because the landlord will be looking for anything. Leave the floors for last to finish up the room.

toilet cleaning in an Oxford house

2. Bathroom Cleaning as Part of Your Tenancy Clean

Only the thought of scrubbing the bathroom is enough for some people to run and call a professional tenancy cleaning company to do it. Not only is it difficult, but it’s also one of the areas that landlords are most picky about. Limescale often becomes the reason to reclean a rental or even hold onto some of the deposit money.

So when cleaning the bathroom, make sure to pay attention to the toilet, tiles, and the bathtub – they should sparkle with cleanliness. Also, don’t forget about the basins and sinks, towel rails, radiators, toothbrush holders, mirrors and other glass surfaces. It’s essential you unclog and clean all drains – landlords who are on the prowl will definitely check those out.

3. Clean the Kitchen in Your Oxford Flat

Kitchens are the most used rooms and as such, there’s a lot to be done there. Moreover, the cooker has probably gathered a thick layer of sticky grime which looks uncleanable.
Once you’ve packed, start clearing the surfaces such as worktops, shelves, and cabinet doors. Spray the oven with a grime cleaning detergent and let it work while you’re washing other areas. Wipe off the insides of drawers and cupboards because Oxford landlords tend to have a peek everywhere. Degrease the backsplash and the oven, and polish the sink and taps. Clean the rest of the appliances and don’t forget to wash the rubbish bins. As with the bedroom, here you also need to sweep the floors last – you don’t want to leave any traces behind and ruin your efforts.

cleaning the stairs in an Oxford home

4. Cleaning the Doorway, Corridors and Stairs

These areas aren’t hard to clean, therefore it’ll come to you as a relief after all the scrubbing you’ve done so far. The work is similar to what you did in the bedroom, and your goal is to make an impression with these zones. Since your landlord enters from here, you can get a bonus point if you put a room aromatiser. It’s all about psychology – it will be hard for your landlord to nitpick your work if you show you went the extra mile from the very start.

5. Backyards and Compound Spaces in Your Oxford Home

This is where most tenants fail and give a good enough reason for their landlords to withhold their deposits. It’s that just nobody thinks of cleaning the yard at the end of a tenancy. Make sure to cut tall grass and hedges, swipe the area and empty waste bins. If there are any drainages, check and clear clogging. The end goal – to leave the place hospitable looking.

And there we have it. With the help of this guide, you’ll be sure to not miss a spot. The full-house end of tenancy cleaning is hard, so if you feel uncertain search for your local Oxford professionals. You can always find expert help.