Our Happy clients

Nathaly Bailey

I have used many cleaning companies and am accustomed to the dip-tank method. That is why I was quite sceptical when the Energy cleaners informed me they use a technic designed by their own company. I was astonished at the results. Energy Cleaning has won me as a regular customer. Amazing work!

Julia Green

We have two toddlers and no free time, so I wanted some help with the kitchen cleaning. The team arrived on time and were very sweet. After they had left, we were able to use everything right away. The house is smelling great, and the kitchen looks like brand new. There is no doubt we will book you for other jobs.

Bradley Rogers

So happy with the provided service. I just sent the key to my rental house in Artington, GU3 by courier to Energy Cleaning. They came, polished the kitchen and sent me back the keys after the job was done. Extremely convenient, great professionals, everything in the house was intact.

Harry Davies

If I can describe Energy’s services with one word, it will be amazing. I have no idea what their equipment was, but I can see the original colours of my patio now. And mind you, this is the first time from many years, this has happened. Incredible professionals, I will 100% recommend them to my friends!

Jasmyn Ward

I had my doubts when the technician came and informed me that he couldn’t use the jet on full blast because my brick patio couldn't handle it. Once he started working, I understood why. On maximum power, this machine probably can dig a hole to the centre of the Earth. Sorry, I questioned your judgement! Backyard looks amazing!

Tony Scott

Convenient and fast service, the Energy guys did all the work while I was away. Awesome results, truly the best cleaning company in Guildford!

Marsha and Steve Stewart

We just had our wedding, and I can’t praise enough Energy Cleaning for their event cleaning services. They were spot on! My wife and I will be always grateful for the team’s fast reaction and perfectly handling the “party situation”. Thanks, guys we couldn’t do it without you!

Martin Doyle

Perfect addition to my party. Lovely staff had no problems with the organisation or the level of cleanliness! All guests left pleased.

Kristeen Gray

A big shout out to the amazing Energy cleaners. My daughter's Sweet Sixteen was a complete success. Thank you for being so patient and understanding with the kids. You receive five stars from all Guildford parents!

Alex Murphy

We are regular customers at Energy cleaning as they organise the periodic deep cleaning of my family’s pub. Great service, fast and polite staff. We have never had any complaints about the quality of their work. Our kitchens and service rooms, as well as the customer's areas, are always left perfectly cleaned.