Our Happy clients

Sofia Richardson

After some small renovations around the shop, I called Energy Cleaning to take care of the place. Friendly and hardworking cleaners, everything looks amazing!

Liam Chapman

The Energy cleaners arrived on time and were very friendly and polite. They did an excellent job with all of the ovens in the bakery. We are extremely pleased with how the kitchen looks. Thanks, guys!

Bridget Dixon

I must say Energy’s secret method of cleaning is incredible. I have used other cleaning companies before, but they had never completely managed to remove all of the grease stains. Definitely the best in Reading!

Charlie Miller

I have never had any problems with the Energy cleaners. They work swiftly and without any slacking off. The last couple of times I have requested a full clean up of all my kitchen appliances. The results were perfect as expected!

Rupert Barker

Nice job, my carpets look amazing, and the whole house smells fresh and clean. I will definitely recommend Energy Cleaning to my friends.

Barbara Cook

A very unusual approach towards customers. The cleaners actually explained to me why the stains on my carpets couldn't be removed. With so many false advertisements these days, it was nice to finally receive an honest answer. The cleaning services were performed very professionally. I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out. Thank you Energy Cleaning for respecting and understanding your customers.

Roy Saunders

I use Energy’s services regularly, and I have never encountered any problems with leaving their cleaners unsupervised. Once I was even out of Reading and sent them the keys by courier. Extremely reliable cleaning company.

Sarah White

We hired a team to clean our lounge, and I must say the results far exceeded our expectations. We have a toddler and a dog, and naturally, our couch was in terrible condition. The cleaners were friendly and on time. They did a magnificent job removing all stains and the unpleasant smell of a wet dog.

Amelie Bradley

I’m used of being told by the companies in Reading how great their cleaning services are and how they won't leave a single spot. Needless to say, I was always thoroughly disappointed in the end. Energy’s cleaners impressed me with how honest and professional they work. They actually explained why some stains won't get off and what I need to do to avoid such situations. Extremely happy with them, great job!

Adam Russell

The lobby smells and looks amazing. Pleasantly surprised and very happy. Will book again for certain!