Our Happy clients

Richard King

Twice a year our hotel uses Energy’s jet washing as a part of the one-off cleaning of the property. We are very happy with the way the cleaners do their job. They are efficient and trustworthy.

Megan Cox

I have used many cleaning companies in Milton Keynes, but Energy Cleaning is my all time favourite. I’m completely fine with leaving them the keys and letting them do their job. Never had a single problem with them.

Penelope Jenkins

Fast and efficient cleaners! They came on time, did their job and left everything refreshed and brightened. No need for me or my husband to stay and supervise the work. All was done with care and professionalism.

Bob Watts

A very convenient cleaning service indeed. I left the keys to the cleaners and went on a business trip. When I got back in Milton Keynes, my flat was immaculate, nothing was missing, and everything was just perfect. So happy that I chose Energy Cleaning!

Ahmed Hussain

As a first-time customer to this cleaning company, I had my doubts about their qualifications and reputation. However, they manage to debunk all my doubts and leave a pleasant impression on me. Thank you so much for the great job you did!

Shirley Berry

I used these kinds of service for the first time and was astonished and how simple and fast all was. The Energy cleaners arrived, took care of the flat and left. I didn't have to do a thing. Thank so much, guys, you were great!

Amy Chen

Awesome job, Energy! There were no problems with my landlord, I got my deposit back, and everybody was happy. You are the best, will recommend you to all of my friends!

Wilfred Pine

I got transferred to Milton Keynes a couple of months ago and hired Energy Cleaning to refresh my new house. They were on time and did an amazing job. There wasn’t a single hair on the carpet or dust on the shelves. I merely had to move in and settle down. You have made my experience so much easier, much appreciated! The Energy cleaners arrived, took care of the flat and left. I didn't have to do a thing. Thank so much, guys, you were great!

Maria Lopez

The wedding reception was an absolute success, and Energy Cleaning has a lot to do with it. The teams were well mannered and practically invisible throughout the whole thing. I’m very happy I have relied on this cleaning company for the most important day of my life!

Eric Mackenzie

As one of the most renown golf clubs in the Milton Keynes area, we host regular events and always use the services of Energy Cleaning. Their crews really know how to do a great job and maintain the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere our customers expect.