Our Happy clients

Audrey Badger

Energy Cleaning is the first and only company I have ever used in West London since I moved here. There has never been a need to search for somebody else. The cleaning services are fast, efficient, and more importantly, I can trust them to tidy my place even if I'm not at home. Thank you so much for been there for my family and me!

David Wong

Energy is a very diverse cleaning company, with so many different services and skilled technicians, it has become the preferred partner for our business. They certainly don’t compromise when it comes to quality!

Brandon Milton

We have used the cleaning services of Energy in a couple of occasions, and each time we weren't disappointed. The place looked amazing, and more importantly, all of the detergents they use are completely safe for our dogs. Very considerate and experienced cleaners!

Ella Mcloughlin

I can’t begin explaining how grateful I am to the professionals at Energy Cleaning. They have transformed my home and life. They were the only cleaning company that accepted the challenge my hoarding lifestyle has created. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

George Plummer

Soon after we had moved to Milton Keynes, we had an accident with our heating system, and a big part of the house suffered gravely. That is when we found out about Energy’s extreme cleaning service. The experienced teams came right away, and in days they have managed to clean the debris and prep the house for the upcoming restoration. Great company with amazing professionals!

Sophia Allen

Awesome job guys! I never thought I would see the floors and walls of my grandmother’s house ever again. The place smells so much better, and everything is finally in order. Definitely the best in town!

Sebastian Chidlow

We just started offering our apartments in Airbnb, and we desperately needed a cleaning company to come and make them presentable. Energy Cleaning was the right choice. We are happy, our customers were happy, what more can you ask for?

Blake Smith

After a fast reconstruction of our shop, we hired Energy Cleaning to thoroughly tidy the place. These guys were amazing! They work fast, have great coordination and a professional attitude. I have never experienced such a good customer service with a Milton Keynes company before!

Bonny Marsh

Awesome job Energy! You truly have the most dedicated and energetic cleaners. Will work together again for certain!

Trevor Chang

The area around the pool needed a good scrubbing, so we decided to try out the famous jet washing of Energy Cleaning. We weren't misled. The cleaners did an amazing job, will book them again for certain.