Our Happy clients

Amelia Freeman

I had my doubts at first as I have never let unsupervised workers at my estate before. Pleasantly surprised by the teams from Energy. The cleaning services were delivered on time and with great attention, everything was in place, and the house finally stopped smelling of wall paint. Job, well done!

Asha Nayak

I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient and professional the Energy teams are. My husband and I went on a vacation for a week and left the keys to our home at the cleaning company. When we got back to our house in Milton Keynes everything smelled fresh, nothing was missing and was in complete order! Really trustworthy cleaning services!

Zach Hussain

That is what I call good customer service! The cleaners came, did their job and left. I have never felt more pleased with learning I have destroyed my expensive leather longe by spilling water all over it and not cleaning it right away. The Energy guys know what they are doing and take their time caring for their customers, teaching them what to do and what not. Amazing cleaning company!

Tom Gilbert

The Energy cleaners came on time and performed their tasks fast and diligently. The end results were as promised. Happy to book them again!

Rani Patel

We were undergoing an inspection from the headquarters of our company. The professionals from Energy Cleaning helped us immensely. Currently, we are named “The top fast-food restaurant” from our franchise in the Milton Keynes region. We owe it all to the fast and efficient Energy Cleaners. Thanks, guys!

Henry Dean

I booked Energy’ services to clean my grandmother’s age-old stove. I’m amazed at how good of a job the technicians did. The thing actually had some shine after they were all done. 10 out of 10, the best cleaning technology I have ever seen!

Matilda Bell

This was the first time ever I leave my home while there are cleaners in it. Nevertheless, the job was done splendidly, and the Energy staff was very polite. They have tidied after themselves, and the kitchen was spotless. Thoroughly pleased with how everything turned out.

Kyle Finch

I wasn’t certain Energy’s teams will be able to completely clean my carpets as my family owns two long-haired cats and everything was covered in pet hairs. I was amazed by the skill and dedication the cleaners have shown. The house looks great. Definitely a trustworthy cleaning company!

Zoe Sinclair

I have never used the services of a cleaning company before, but we just started a contract with Airbnb and needed someone to take care of the house we are renting out. Once we employed Energy Cleaning, we started receiving some of the nicest comments and positive reviews in the whole Milton Keynes area. I’m very happy we have made the right choice with Energy!

Owen Holt

I’m a regular customer and must say, it will stay that way. I have never had any problems with the quality of the cleaning services or the guys themselves. A great company indeed!