Our Happy clients

Bill Curtis

Hands down the best cleaners in Reading. They are always on time and always manage to squeeze me in on the weekends. Very grateful!

Barry Cameron

Polite and pleasant young people, work hard and know their stuff. I have grown accustomed to just leaving them in the house while I go do my business. Nothing but dust and dirt has ever gone missing! Very satisfied with their services!

Mel Nicholson

Good cleaners, very polite and respectful. Took their time explaining to my grandmother how to properly maintain her cooker. Great customer service that is for sure!

Erik Potter

Just move to Milton Keynes and book Energy Cleaning by chance. Very happy with their performance. The house is in complete order!

Jimmy Flynn

We own a small fast-food restaurant and regularly use Energy’s services. Even the health inspectors were amazed at how clean our place is! Keep up the good work, guys!

Vanessa Black

We recently had a pipe problem in Cowley, OX that resulted in flooding the ground floor of our home. We called Energy, and they assured us, they have the perfect cleaning service for such unfortunate cases. All of the furniture was drenched in water, and mud was all over the place. The cleaning crews arrived as scheduled and worked non-stop for two days until everything was back to normal. Incredible cleaning services, delivered by incredible people!

Ann Backer

Amazing service! I can't believe what you guys have managed to do in such a short period of time. The house looks habitable again!

Will Lloyd

I wasn’t sure Energy can handle the mess at my grandparent's house. Was pleasantly surprised. Fast and dedicated workers, no need for me to constantly supervise them. Thumbs up!

Jack Cox

Very impressive service! The cleaning lady was very sweet and explained to me what is the state of my furniture and why some stains may not come off. For the first time, someone actually educates me on how to take care of my leather couch. Very helpful, saved me a lot of money and time.

Arthur Wilson

Energy Cleaning was recommended to me by my neighbour, and I’m forever grateful to him. There was no need for me to be even at my house in Donnington, Oxford. The cleaners arrive, transformed my home and left, like the amazing cleaning fairies they are. My mattresses have never smelled better, and there is no sign of cat hairs on any of my furniture.