Our Happy clients

Martin Doyle

Perfect addition to my party. Lovely staff had no problems with the organisation or the level of cleanliness! All guests left pleased.

Kristeen Gray

A big shout out to the amazing Energy cleaners. My daughter's Sweet Sixteen was a complete success. Thank you for being so patient and understanding with the kids. You receive five stars from all Guildford parents!

Alex Murphy

We are regular customers at Energy cleaning as they organise the periodic deep cleaning of my family’s pub. Great service, fast and polite staff. We have never had any complaints about the quality of their work. Our kitchens and service rooms, as well as the customer's areas, are always left perfectly cleaned.

Jamie Connolly

Extremely professional attitude! The office building is shining. Thanks so much for working on the weekend for us!

Alfred Hawkins

As one of Guildford’s most elite clubhouses, we reasonably expect nothing but the best. With great pleasure, we can state Energy Cleaning is our choice for a cleaning company. Polite and respectful staff, haven't had a problem with them so far.

Margie Bolton

I live in an old house in Perry Hill, GU3 and since I’m no longer of age to do alone the home cleaning, I often hire companies to do it for me. Thus, I’m used to be lied to and promised spottles carpets. The thing that shocked me the most is how honest and diligent the Energy cleaners are. They actually explained to me why nobody has managed to remove the staining from my Persian carpet. And how if they use more harsh detergent they, like the one before them, will do more damage than good. Thank you so much for bringing joy to my heart with your friendly and open attitude! Plus the carpets look and smell great!

Alex Fraser

Fantastic job! The carpets in the hotel lobby look amazing. Will book a one-off next time!

Jeff Morrison

Incredible service, much appreciated for your fast reaction. The carpets dried out almost completely by dinner time. True lifesavers!

Molly Harper

Before finding Energy Cleaning, I have never heard about Extreme cleaning as a service. I desperately needed a cleaning company to take care of my aunt’s home, after she was diagnosed with a severe hoarding disorder. There are no strong words to describe what the Energy team did for my family! The house was a complete mess and was in no condition to be lived in. After the cleaning teams have finished, I saw for the first time in years the colours of the walls. You are amazing, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

Abigail Marsh

I have searched all across Guildford for a cleaning company that offers such services. Energy Cleaning was like a ray of hope in the sea of rejections. Thank you so much for taking my case and investing so much time and effort in cleaning my house!