Our Happy clients

Vincent Graham

After a small renovation, our church in Sunnymead, OX2 needed a good scrub. One of our members recommended Energy cleaning, and we book them right away. The men and women from the cleaning team were very polite and respectful. The did a wonderful job, and we are very grateful and pleased with the end results.

Amber Clarke

I hired Energy cleaning to do a one-off cleaning at our office building and was very happy to see I have made the right choice. Everything is spotless and smells fresh. A five-star service indeed!

John Andrews

Fast workers, no wandering around, wasting time. Finally, someone actually knew how the AGA stoves work and explained to me why they are so hard to fully clean. Outstanding customer service!

Amelia Hunt

I had big doubts when I hired Energy Cleaning because I had never used such company before. Was left blown away by the results. It is indeed more easy to call professionals than to do it yourself. Much appreciated!

Bob Fletcher

The boys did an outstanding job at my estate in Guildford. Literally saved my life from being devoured by the angry missis. Thank so much, guys!

Milly Freeman

Had a lovely experience with the Energy Cleaning team. They were polite and very capable. Left the house smelling fresh and clean. So happy, will book them again!

Maude Porter

Pleasantly surprised at how fast the Energy cleaners work, with no wondering around and unnecessary chit-chat. The house looks remarkably tidy!

Bill Curtis

Hands down the best cleaners in Reading. They are always on time and always manage to squeeze me in on the weekends. Very grateful!

Barry Cameron

Polite and pleasant young people, work hard and know their stuff. I have grown accustomed to just leaving them in the house while I go do my business. Nothing but dust and dirt has ever gone missing! Very satisfied with their services!

Mel Nicholson

Good cleaners, very polite and respectful. Took their time explaining to my grandmother how to properly maintain her cooker. Great customer service that is for sure!