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  • Free on-site surveys for larger properties
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Prices from £15/h

Energy Cleaning - We Know What You Need!

Do you dread the moment you will have to give a good one-off cleaning to your property? Do you constantly delay your chores in the hope a miracle will happen? Stop, there is no need for that anymore. Energy Cleaning is here! We are one of the most trusted cleaning companies in Reading. Our customers are both house and business owners, and they all know they can rely on us to properly tidy their estates.

With a new car fleet and geared up with the latest cleaning equipment our technicians can reach every location in Reading and the surrounding area. We have extensive experience in handling all sorts of industrial, medical, health and schooling facilities. Private homes also pose no challenge for our skilled teams. Rely on us to be your trusted partner when it comes to One-off or Spring cleaning.

One-off cleaning

One-off Cleaning Prices in Reading

 Hour rate £15
 Equipment £10
 Detergents £5
 Min. charges apply

What Do We Offer to Our Customers in Reading?

One-off cleaner

Energy Cleaning has a broad range of cleaning services specifically planned to fit every type of property. We provide our Reading customers with freedom of choice, flexible pricing and fast delivery of the needed services.

Standard cleaning services

The One-off cleaning services consist of the usual mopping, vacuuming, dusting and wiping. We will clean all the rooms, halls, staircases and corridors at your property. Our basic services are enough to return the sparkle in every location.

Customisation of the provided services

Depending on what your property is and in what state it is you have the freedom to personalise the cleaning services you will receive. From a thorough jet washing of your porch to external window cleaning, we can offer you various options.

What do we clean?

Our cleaning company has the capacity to properly handle and tidy up all types of commercial buildings and private residences. You have a house, office, library, medical or industrial facility, or even a church. We can make them sparkle in no time.

What do we use?

Our teams are equipped with the newest cleaning gear from the top suppliers in the UK. We work with such reliable partners as Karcher and Prochem. Our cleaners undergo regular training to be on point with the latest innovations in our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do your cleaners move furniture?

    A: Our technicians can relocate light furniture like desks and tables in order to properly clean your property. If you wish us to tidy up underneath heavier objects like wardrobes or professional stoves, you must move them yourself before our crews arrive.

  • Q: How many people can I expect to arrive at my property?

    A: The number of cleaners that will arrive depends on how big your estate is and how fast do you need us to do the job. After the initial on-site survey conducted by our chief technician, we will be able to give you more precise information.

  • Q: Would you wash my curtains and aluminium blinds?

    A: We would dust and vacuum your curtains and carefully wipe your aluminium blinds. However, in most cases, a deep-wash is not advisable as the cleaning gear we use is powerful enough to extract all the embedded dirt.

  • Q: Do you clean mould and mildew?

    A: Our cleaners will dust the damaged areas, however, we do not offer professional mould removing services. If the problem is more serious, you will need to seek expert help.


I booked a standard one-off cleaning with additional external window washing and was left pleasantly surprised. This is the first time I’m using the services of this company and can definitely say I will use only them from now on. My home smells fresh, my kitchen is spotless, and I can finally see the sun from my second-floor windows. Best feeling ever!

Emma Miller

My home needed a good scrubbing, and the boys from Energy didn’t disappoint me. That was the fastest and most thorough Spring cleaning I have ever seen! Awesome job, guys!

Charles Moore

I heard about Energy Cleaning from a friend from another town and was pleasantly surprised to find them in Reading. Very polite and respectful, they really know what they are doing. The house hasn’t smelled that good in ages!

Harry Watts

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