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Is your front deck dirty? How about your porch, driveway or pool patio? Wondering how to bring back the colours your pavement once had and restore the previous shape of your Reading property? Energy Cleaning is here to find a solution for all of these questions. With care and diligence, our cleaning company has developed one of the most effective methods of pressure washing in the whole county.

Our cleaners are geared up with professional Karcher jet pressures and the knowledge needed to wash every type of pavement. With an extensive combined experience of more than 40 years, Energy Cleaning’s experts have a lot to offer to the Reading community. We serve not only private but commercial properties as well. Our teams are self-sufficient, so no need for you wasting your valuable time monitoring them. Let us do the hard work and relax!

jet pressure cleaning

What You Need to Receive What You Want

jet cleaning Karcher K7

Jet washing is called the process of removing dirt and debris using a high-pressure water spray. Our cleaning company uses the latest equipment to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. However, they are some necessities that this cleaning service needs.

Clean Drains

This is the most important requirement to provide you with this service. Pressure cleaning uses a lot of water, and it all needs to go somewhere. That is why our skilled cleaners can perform jet washing only on locations with working drains.

Electricity is a must

Jet pressures work on electricity much like your vacuum machines. This means our cleaners need to plug it in the nearest power source. If there is none on the location, please inform us in advance, so we can arrive prepared with proper extension cords.

The main component

Last but not least - jet washing needs water. The best case is if there is an outdoor tap near to the place we are going to clean. But if there is not - still no problem. Just inform us upon booking. We will bring professional water hoses and use the tap in your kitchen.

Information is power

Every type of pavement has its particular requirements when it comes to pressure cleaning. That is why our customers must inform us about the surfaces they want us to wash. In most cases, there is no need for an on-site survey just send us some pictures, and all is good.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What kind of properties can you pressure clean?

    A: Every type of property can be subjected to jet washing - commercial or private it makes no difference. With our Karcher K7 machine, we can clean equally good pool patios and decks as well as floors and garages in industrial buildings.

  • Q: Do you need to know what type of pavement you were booked to clean?

    A: Yes, it is extremely important to be aware of the type of pavement you have. Depending on it we will choose the proper detergents. Please provide us with pictures of the location you want us to clean so we can arrive prepared.

  • Q: Can you remove patches of grass and moss?

    A: Generally speaking, yes the jet pressure is powerful enough to remove everything. However in some cases alongside the grass, parts of the pavement can also come off. That is why we prefer to perform an initial survey of the location or ask our customers for pictures. After our chief technician sees what the situation is, he will be able to inform you whether or not it is a good idea to use jet pressure cleaning to remove grass and moss patches.

  • Q: Do I need to be there while you are working?

    A: No, all we require is access to power and water sources, and we are good. There is no need for you to supervise the work of our cleaners.


Our company uses the jet washing services of Energy once every few months for maintaining our indoor garages in a presentable state. The teams work fast, with no need to constantly look after them. We are pleased with their job and hope we could continue working together.

Colton Chambers

Brilliant job! Left the key, went on vacation and came back to Reading to find everything in order. The cleaning services were executed very professionally. Thumbs up for the excellent customer service and attention to details!

Emmett Powell

I have never before used such cleaning services. Was quite happy when the technician from Energy spend time explaining to me what type of pavement we have and what are the jet washing options. Very polite and well-spoken, plus he really did a good job with the pool patio.

Abigail Pearson

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