Experience Our Life Changing Extreme Cleaning at Your Reading Property

  • Qualified technicians used in working in dangerous conditions
  • Cleaning experience with over 100 extreme cases in the UK
  • Ability to work with social services and official representatives
  • Capable of cleaning private homes as well as health facilities

Prices from £19/h

Why Energy Cleaning Is Different?

When something extreme happens to you, you need extreme measurements to deal with it. This is what Energy Cleaning is offering to its Reading customers. A cleaning service designed to remove the damaged caused by natural disasters as well as improper property maintenance. But even this description doesn't cover all the cases we can handle. Our customers recognise us as the people to call when nobody else wants or knows how to do the job.

Extreme cleaning isn’t created exclusively for the needs of private homeowners. Our cleaners have more than 40 years of combined experience in dealing with all sorts of public facilities. We are Reading's trusted helpers when it comes to transforming a property and “bring it back to life.” Our cleaning company has firm policies of discretion and respect towards one's belongings. Energy Cleaning won't abandon you in your time of need and won’t mislead you!

Energy Cleaning Extreme cleaning

What Extreme Cleaning Does?

Energy Cleaning Extreme cleaning

This cleaning service is created to help people in difficult situations to gain back control of their life and property. We deal with places that have suffered from fire or flood damage or have been completely destroyed by their owners' inability to maintain them.

Customers we can help

Hoarding disorders, mental illnesses or different disabilities can render our customers unfit to care for their homes. As a result, the estates become hazardous and in many cases contribute to their owners' slow demise. We can clean these properties in their initial state.

Property damage

If a pipe leakage, flooding caused by the nearby river or water main, house fire have damaged your property, we are the ones you can count on. Our cleaning company has the experience needed to remove all the dirt and bring back the freshness in your estate.

Cleaning Methods

Our cleaners use professional equipment to thoroughly scrub all damaged surfaces. The disinfectants and solvents are often 10 times stronger than the regular ones. We provide our teams with proper safety gear. We always arrive fully prepared for the worst.

Qualifications for the job

With so many successful cleaning jobs, our technicians have become experts in restoring the balance in your property. We have worked with many social workers and even had some extreme cases of cleaning crime scenes. Trust us our cleaners don't get easily frightened.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you clean mould and mildew?

    A: We can dust and wipe the affected areas. However, if the mould is infected your walls and ceilings, our chief technician will inform you. In these cases, it is necessary to contact a specialised mould removal company.

  • Q: How long will it take to finish the job?

    A: This will depend on the vastness of the property and its state. When doing an extreme cleaning initial viewings are a must, so after we asses the situation we will be able to give you more information.

  • Q: In which cases it is applicable to book this service?

    A: The extreme cleaning is a service designed to deep-wash and disinfects your property after unfortunate events like flooding and fires. If the estate is in poor conditions due to its owner’s hoarding disorder, mental illness, disability problems or any other health issue, our cleaners can make it habitable again. We do not offer remodelling or house reconstructions. Our teams simply work with what you have and restore the previous glory of your property.

  • Q: Do you provide pest extermination?

    A: Once our cleaners arrive at your property, they will remove all the dead animals and insect they spot. However, we are not professional pest exterminators. You would need to hire a different company to dispose of the live pests at your place.


I suffered from a severe form of depression and refused to leave my home for almost a year. When I began to get better, I started to search for someone to come, and help me with the cleaning of my flat. The Energy team responded right away and washed and scrubbed everything. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to these lovely people, who brought back the light in my home. I’m doing much better now, and I am a regular customer of Energy Cleaning.


I didn’t know there was such a service in Reading, but my cousin advised me on contacting Energy Cleaning. The teams that arrived were very professional, and you can easily see they knew what they were doing. You did an amazing job, thank you!

Reggie Palmer

Awesome cleaning services, I’m extremely happy how the guys from Energy completely transformed my basement! You can’t guess there was flooding at all, and everything smells so good! The best in town that is certain!

Eva Walsh

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