Commercial Cleaning in Reading That Boosts Your Property's Comfort

  • Trained, self-sufficient on-site cleaning supervisors
  • Extensive working experience at various properties
  • Using professional gear from world-renown suppliers
  • Quality control of all the delivered cleaning services

Rely on Energy Cleaning to Polish Your Business

All commercial properties, regardless of whether we are talking about an office building or a local church, must be regularly cleaned. Some facilities like hospitals, factories or pubs have specialised equipment that needs to be tended to. Maybe your golf club has just undergone a renovation, or your hotel requires a good one-off cleansing before the season starts. For all these and much more, Reading can rely on Energy Cleaning to do the job.

Our cleaning company can provide all business owners in Reading and the surrounding area with skilled technicians with more than 40 years of combined working experience. With our fully renewed car fleet, our cleaners can get to every location and tend to every type of property. No matter if we are talking about spring or after builders cleaning, jet or external window washing, our teams are always ready to refresh and polish your commercial property.

commercial cleaning services

The Commercial Cleaning Services the Reading Community Needs

Commercial cleaning

The services our cleaning company offers are carefully designed to serve the needs of safe and tidy environment all property owners have. We invest a lot of time and effort in understanding our customers and offer them the solutions to their problems.

  • One of our prime objectives is to free our customers of the responsibility of constantly monitoring the actions of our cleaners. To each job, a specially trained supervisor is assigned. Their primary role is to coordinate the teams and make sure all is done by the high standards the customer expects. No need to for you to say something twice.
  • The commercial cleaning service is unique in its design as it allows the customers to modify it as they wish. Depending on what needs to be done, different services can be combined or excluded from the package. You can rely on our crews to provide you with advice and information about each cleaning technique you wish to be utilised.
  • Commercial cleaning is very different from the domestic one. The chemicals and equipment needed to deal with a factory’s floor are stronger than the ones used on the wooden floor of your home for example. The teams working on commercial properties are carefully trained in using professional cleaning machines and specialised solvent. We leave nothing to chance.
  • Honesty is one of Energy Cleaning’s most valued quality. You can expect from our teams to tell the things as they are. The customer always has the right to hear what is the state of their property and if there is a problem. Our cleaners won't make false promises. They will simply do everything they can to deliver the best possible results in the current situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does Energy Cleaning have all the necessary insurance?

    A: As a reliable cleaning company, Energy owns Employers liability insurance, as well as Public and Product liability insurances. We are very strict in our policy when it comes to the safety and comfort of both our clients and our employees.

  • Q: How is commercial cleaning different from the one-off cleaning?

    A: The commercial cleaning is a service that combines many different types of cleansing procedures. One of which could be the one-off cleaning, but it can also be a combination of carpet, external window or jet washing. Everything revolves around our customers’ wishes and needs.

  • Q: Do you clean professional equipment like the one in restaurants or factories?

    A: Cleaning professional kitchens in one of our all-time specialities. Regardless of the type of equipment and where it is located, our cleaners can take care of it. However, we need to know in advance if there are any requirements from the machines; manufacturers or if you have specialised cleaning kits that need to be used.

  • Q: Are viewings important?

    A: Yes, especially when we are talking about commercial buildings. Every property is different, and thus it requires particular cleaning methods. When our customers book a commercial cleaning, the first thing we do is come and assess the state of the place. This way we can inform you what needs to be done, with how many teams, and how much time it will all take.


Awesome job! The hostel looks and smells great. I was a sceptic at first, as I have never used this cleaning company before. But the Energy teams really worked very professionally and managed to finish with everything in time.

Matthew Lane

As a backer, I’m pleased to have finally found a cleaning company in Reading that knows how to properly handle delicate kitchen equipment. Everything is cleaned to perfection. Even the AGA stove looks newer. Much appreciated!

Mary Hamilton

After a recent pipe leakage in our store, we called Energy to clean after our builders had left. I was deeply impressed with the technology they use and the level of knowledge their cleaners actually have. Well-done Energy Cleaning!

Harry Thompson

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