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  • Eliminate all pet smells and hairs
  • Effective deep-washing methods
  • 100% Safe cleaning detergents
  • Remove all mites and bacteria

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Energy Cleaning - We Know What You Need

Has your living room lost its colours? Does your sofa look battered despite being relatively new? Do your mattresses smell of dust even after you gave them a good hoovering? It is time to call Energy Cleaning and put an end to all of your problems. Be one of our many happy customers in Milton Keynes who have discovered the benefits of the good upholstery washing. Disinfect and refresh your property without any effort from your part.

Our experienced cleaners will arrive at the location, geared up and ready to transform your property. We are amongst the first professional cleaners in Milton Keynes, know the region and its inhabitants, understand the needs of the business. Our technicians won’t waste your time with false promises and unnecessary chatting. We are not afraid to admit if a stain can’t be removed, but nevertheless, our crews will try everything to eliminate it.

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Upholstery Cleaning Prices in Milton Keynes

Mattress single£16Mattress double£18
2 seat sofa£363 seat sofa£46
Landing£6By step£2
Dining chair£10Office chair£7
Curtains short£22Curtains long£35
Min. charges apply

What Is Upholstery Cleaning All About?

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The point of these cleaning services is to allow our customers to have a fresh and tidy home, elongate the life of their furniture and save them money. Energy Cleaning’s mission is to serve the community of Milton Keynes as best as humanly possible.

What can you expect?

You can expect our cleaners to arrive on time and properly take care of your upholstery even if you are not there. Respecting your privacy and protecting your property are our main concerns. You are safe with Energy Cleaning. We know how things should be done.

What do we offer?

Our cleaning teams are fully prepared to work on weekends and holidays. Equipped with the latest gear and professional detergents, they arrive, ready for action. We will tend to your upholstery in accordance with the type of fabric and the nature of the stains there are.

What do we use?

There is no need for you to worry, all of the detergents our cleaners use are professionally tested and are from the world renown brand Prochem. Combined with our proven hot water extraction method, our professional cleaning company can offer you nothing but good results.

What is the truth?

Even tho we use the best cleaning products and the newest gear, some stains just won’t come off. Our cleaners invest a lot of effort in teaching our customers how to take care of their upholstery and react on time to avoid the permanent damage of their property.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Won’t the frequent upholstery washing damage the strength of the fabric's fibres?

    A: If done properly the upholstery cleaning will do the opposite. When our cleaners remove the embedded dust and small particles, they use professional detergents to restore the fabric’s colours and previous elasticity. Of course, if your furniture is very old and battered, the effect will be less visible. Nevertheless the more you care for your upholstery, the longer its life will be.

  • Q: How long will I have to wait for my upholstery to dry out completely?

    A: This depends primarily on the type of fabric we are dealing with and the fresh air flow you have in the room. Our cleaning services are designed in a way that leaves all materials mostly dry. Synthetics take about 6 hours to be completely moist free as of natural fabrics require more time - around 8 hours. Bear in mind that the weather conditions also affect the drying process. In winter some wool upholsteries may take as long as 48 hours to dry out.

  • Q: Can you clean all types of upholstery?

    A: Our cleaning company specialises in deep-washing every kind of fabric. Synthetics or organics we can clean them completely. However, keep in mind that most expensive leather furniture comes with its own particular washing requirement. We kindly urge the owners to provide us with the manufacturer’s detailed instruction and the specialised cleaning kit that comes with these expensive pieces of furniture.

  • Q: Why do I need to deep-clean my mattresses?

    A: The regular deep-cleansing of all mattresses is extremely important as it prevents the spread of mites. These microscopic bugs live in your bedding, and their count can go up as 100 000 organisms per square centimetre. To avoid triggering allergic reactions or asthma symptoms, you must deep-clean your mattresses at the start of every season. Our cleaners use effective methods to wash and disinfect your beddings leaving everything refreshed and sanitised.


I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient and professional the Energy teams are. My husband and I went on a vacation for a week and left the keys to our home at the cleaning company. When we got back to our house in Milton Keynes everything smelled fresh, nothing was missing and was in complete order! Really trustworthy cleaning services!

Asha Nayak

That is what I call good customer service! The cleaners came, did their job and left. I have never felt more pleased with learning I have destroyed my expensive leather longe by spilling water all over it and not cleaning it right away. The Energy guys know what they are doing and take their time caring for their customers, teaching them what to do and what not. Amazing cleaning company!

Zach Hussain

The Energy cleaners came on time and performed their tasks fast and diligently. The end results were as promised. Happy to book them again!

Tom Gilbert

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